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What in Edward Jenners life may have led him to study vaccinations?

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so that he could be come apart of history
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Edward Jenner discovered which vaccine?

Edward Anthony Jenner was an English physician and scientist from  Berkeley, Gloucestershire, who was the pioneer of smallpox vaccine.  He is often called "the father of imm

Who did Edward Jenner kill from the vaccination?

no one he saved a boy in his first experiment if that's what you mean even though he could have died Jenner received worldwide recognition (though he was also subject to attac

Why did Edward Jenner invent the smallpox vaccine?

Small pox was a killer. The treatment was purely palliative before modern medicines.People that survived had horrible pock-marked faces and bodies , and was sort of a stigma,

How Edward Jenner found vaccination?

Observation and deductive reasoning. Smallpox was a scourge during Jenner's time, but he noticed that milkmaids contracted a very mild illness similar to smallpox called "cowp