What incident occurs in the scene with the players in hamlet?

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Claudius, feeling guilty at the parallels between the play and his murder of King Hamlet, stops the show by crying, "Light! More light!"
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What change of mood occurs in scene 1 of Hamlet?

It starts out nervous and expectant. Then the thing they are nervous about and are expecting to happen actually does happen, and they are frightened, panicky and excited. It s

In what scene is comic relief in Hamlet?

The gravedigger scene, Act V, Scene 1 is partly comic, containing the comic gravediggers and their chop logic and also the gravedigger's conversation with Hamlet. There is als

What is the purpose of the gravedigger scene in Hamlet?

It is a comedic interlude, a bit of light hearted fun to break up the heavy tragic scenes . It's a bit of a dig at Shakespeare's clown- he was fired from the company just bef
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What is the nonery scene in hamlet?

I believe you are referring to the "Get thee to a nunnery!" Scene in Hamlet where he tells Ophelia to go to a nunnery rather than, "be a breeder of sinners," but it is also a