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What information can you give about a English coin with a crown on one side and Victoria's image on the other side?

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How much is a coin that has a penny on one side and a dime on the other?

It would be worth 5½ cents! (Half of a dime and half of a penny)     From a collectible point of view, very little. This is a "trick" coin used in several different ma

How much is a 1750 five crown coin worth which has 4 crowns on one side with a stylized pattern on it on the other side one crown above two crossed arrows and the 1750?

The Brits have never minted a Five Crown coin, and I can find no record of a coin without the monarch on one side or, with crossed arrows, especially in 1750.   You may hav

What is the value of a coin one side has Georgius III with a small circle under his bust with fraction 6 in it other side has crown on top of globe and 1807 near crown?

George III was from the House of Hanover and your coin is a Hanoverian 1/6th Thaler from Brunswick and is silver.   The obverse inscription is GEORGIUS.III.D.G.BRITANNIARUM

What is the value of a gold coin young Queen Victoria with a small crown on one side George and the Dragon on the other side and dated 1900?

There were only two British gold coins minted in 1900, being the Sovereign and the Half-Sovereign. Both coins featured St George and the Dragon on the reverse with an elderly,