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What instrument is used for measuring blood pressure?

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A sphygmometer. (pronounced sfig-mo-met-er)
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What instrument is used to measure air pressure?

There are several options depending on the type of air pressure  being measured:    To measure atmospheric (ambient air) pressure, a  barometer is used.   For tire

Which instrument is used to measure the pressure of gases?

A Barometer is one, a manometer another. In aircraft, a Pitot Tube is used to infer velocity. Otherwise, tyre gauges and other pressure gauges are appropriate in their sphere.

What instrument measures blood pressure?

They call it a Sphygmomanometer. (Sphyg mo manometer.) The word derives from the Greek for pulse, Sphyg. and Manometer for a pressure meter. For traditional reasons, the pre

What is the instrument used in checking blood pressure?

It is a mouthful: sphygmomanometer. It is 6 syllables. SPHYG-mo-ma-NO-me-ter. The sphyg syllable (SFIG) starts with an uncommon SF sound. You just go from the non-vocalized s