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What insurance companies are no longer in business?

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Roles played by insurance companies in the promotion of international business?

  insurance section plays important role in internalation business. Today almost all major insurance companies have offices in major cities around the world.They have form

How do you get a copy of title insurance if title company is out of business?

If your closing was done by a Title Agen, which is most likely the case, they had to have an underwriter. You can go online to your State's Insurance regulation website, enter

Can insurance companies give intermediate term loans for business transactions?

  Answer     Absolutely - I'm not certain that any company would be prohibited from making investments. Insurance companies are commonly considered a very major

Who do insurance companies have to answer to?

  Insurance Department   They typically answer to their respective state's department of insurance. Just like the FDA keeps tabs on drugs companies, the same goes for

What if the insurance company is no longer in business?

I am sorry for you and your mother's loss. I hope you are doing okay. Take a look at the life insurance policy itself. There should be a phome number and address of the life i

How do insurance companies determine if businesses are underinsured?

Under insurance is the situation where your insurance coverage is less than what is required to cover any loss you would incur. Insurance companies do random checks and base a

Can your employer force you to put the company name on your auto insurance if you drive your personal vehicle to do company business?

If the employer is compensating you for the use of your truck, i.e, a mileage rate, then yes they can ask to be listed as an additional insured. However, if they fail to pay y

What kind of business insurance does a commercial cleaning company need?

You will need to check with your state and local government first to determine if they have any minimum insurance requirements.   Your state insurance department is your be

How do insurance companys verify you have insurance?

Insurance is a primary need because it protects you against  unplanned events. It can be used as an investment tool, tool for  planning your children's future and retirement

What is an insurance company?

It is an company that offers inusurance to the people either  online, offline or through phone. It can comprise of multiple  insurance agents. An insurance company deals wit