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Many insurance companies cover medically necessary procedures related to sex reassignment, the protocol most widely recognized as effective in the treatment of severe gender dysphoria. Some insurance carriers have administered or insured health plans which include such coverage for well over a decade. However, most of these insurance carriers only implement these policies when employers specifically negotiate for inclusive coverage or when such coverage is mandated under state law. Unfortunately some insurance carriers still retain discriminatory transgender-specific exclusions in boilerplate plans sold to some employers.

The last decade has seen an increasing awareness by many employers that these transgender-specific exclusions common in many health plans contradict their commitment to a diverse workforce and to nondiscrimination on the basis of gender identity. These employers have begun to eliminate such exclusions and to affirmatively provide coverage for transgender transition-related care.
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What is sex reassignment surgery?

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Aye, I am still searching for surgeons in the US, and so far I have found 3-4. Let me give you their information. Toby R Meltzer: Scottsdale, Arizona; Office: 480.657.7006; To

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If a person is diagnosed with Gender Disphoria (or Gender Identity Disorder), and they complete all the requirements (therapist, hormones, whatever the specific surgeon reques
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How do you go about to get a sex reassignment surgery m2f?

    Look up Benjamin Standards of Care for transgenders.     Basically, you must first be evaluated by a professional--a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist

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1930 the first man had a male to female operation and it was 5 operations all in all. Her name was Lily Elbe and was Danish but had the surgery in Germany. The first operatio

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ALL surgeries have risks: 1. Bleeding 2. Infections 3. Difficulty healing 4. Being Misunderstood 5. Ostracism

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You can find pictures of anything on the images section of any major search engine. Dogpile, Yahoo, Bing, Google, et cetera. Just go to one and search something along the line

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Many insurance companies cover medically necessary procedures related to sex reassignment. Some have done so for well over a decade. (See links provided at related question "w

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I guess "Indraprastha Appollo Hospital", "All India Institute Of Medical Sciences", "Sir Ganga Ram Hospital", and "Lok Nayak Hospital" in Delhi. "Breach Candy" and "Leelavati"

Who was the first person to undergo sex reassignment surgery?

Lili Elbe was a transsexual woman and one of the first identifiable recipients of male to female sex reassignment surgery. Elagabalus - Empress of Rome (218AD - 222AD) is rep