What interests you about being an fashion designer?

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There are many reasons as to why I aspire to be a fashion designer.
First and foremost I love creating, I believe I'm an artist whose concentration is creating clothes for women, so they can be well suited and be comfortable in their own skin. Anything that makes has me working and challenging to be innovative intrigues me and inspires me to do the best I can in my creation.
Also, it's the glory one has completing a garment which you can see people wear, and sometimes they are filled with happiness because they withhold a unique piece of garment. But most importantly, creating something I'll be able to wear and have people see my own creations so that they can aspire to wear my designs. Fashion design is a career for me that I'm most happy to get into and I think that even if I don't become a big house name, I'll sure be able to create my life long dream.
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What are some pros and cons of being a fashion designer?

Answer . Pros:. -You can be creative.. -You can use your imagination and input.. -You can create something that only has your name on it.. Cons:. -People have to like the design.. -You need to be found by someone, which can take a while.. -You have to handle criticism.

What do you get out of being a fashion designer?

when i am a little kid you know what ? i wanted to be a fashion designer when i grow up. i buy some decorations and glitter some jewelry to decorate. and then i buy colors for the clothes and pants skirts shirts sweat shirts dresses and i buy the bratz couture toy and i fabric them and with the brat (MORE)

What interest you in fashion?

what interests me in fashion is that i like shopping for clothes! i like how the different kinds of clothes are designed. i really like shopping a lot!

How mush would you make being a fashion designer?

In 2006, earnings of designers varied widely. For example, the middle half of all floral designers earned between $17,690 and $27,330. The lowest-paid 10 percent earned less than $15,040. The highest-paid 10 percent earned more than $33,650. The middle half of all fashion designers earned between $4 (MORE)

What is the hard part about being a fashion designer?

The hard part about being a fashion designer is receiving aknock-back when someone doesn't like your creations. However, thisis part of the job but can be mostly avoided by studying currenttrends in fashion, styles, material and customer demand.

What are 4 pros and 4 cons of being a fashion designer?

Pro: -It is fun if you like fashion designing. -You earn a lot of money if everyone likes your style. -You get to use your imagination and sense of style. -You can get famous if you're talented. Con: -Your designs can take a while to get discovered. -You need to find out what's hot an (MORE)

Is it fun being a fashion designer?

\nif you're very very passionate about being a fashion designer then yes. Otherwise it's very hard work, long hours, tons of pressure etc not fun at all but it depends who you work for. If it's a big big company you'll have your work load shared between a good few of you, so it's not so bad.

What are the dangers of being a fashion designer?

to be honest there really is no danger unless you loose your styletouch then you might loose buisness or if you have a rival he\shecould destroy your buisness other then that there is no danger ofbeing a fashion designer.

What is the job outlook of being a fashion designer?

the job outlook for being a fashion designer is busy. they work the telephones and sketch drawings. they interview customers and clients that are trying on the clothing. they view their latest work of work design that the models try on and finalize the latest touches

Can someone who is not good in arts but has an interest in fashion designing go for fashion designing?

As long as you are creative and have a good imagination!. --------. It depends on how much genuine interest you have in the field.If you spend a lot of time looking at different types of clothing and can draw and sew on a basic level that's a good start.. It is a competitive industry and you real (MORE)

What are some downsides to being a fashion designer?

if yoo are not tht brilliant then there wont be much profit and pay for you there for you will be working for the minimum pay check which cant be good even if you do have a passion for fashion. but really fair dos to those who have actually made it like: gianni versage, coco chanel, christian dior, (MORE)

What are the requirements of being a fashion designer?

To be able to have new designs on deadline and to be able to be flexible, not matter what happens. And just be your self through your drawing and designs. And maybe even though the drawings may look different everything happens for a reason.

What are the threats of being a fashion designer?

the threats are that your ideas will get stolen or even copied. if you have a friend that is a fashion designer you may not wanna have all you drawing books open and out for them to see which could result in stolen ideas.

What is the hardest part of being a fashion designer?

nothin' Except you need to come up with new ideas every 6 to 12 months.( or more often to dress for the seasons ) And if you haven't any new ideas you need to learn how to rework old ones. So there just may be something hard about being a fashion designer.

Qualifications on being a fashion designer?

Qualifications: Education - a 2-year or 4-year college degree in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, or a related field is recommended but not always required. Obtaining a degree is a great way to start building up a fashion portfolio, and it often helps with the initial networking necessary to (MORE)

Are there any physical requirements to being a fashion designer?

You should be able to walk and move without effort! Haha! Apart from that, not really. I've studied fashion design, and we had big, skinny, tall, short people. Everything, really. If someone did well or not had nothing to do with their physique. Sorry, the answer is that simple. Hope that help (MORE)

What are some good things about being a fashion designer?

Hi, I'm not a fashion designer but i guess if i was some good things about being a Fashion designer is: Getting to design your own clothes and watch people in different countries wear them. You could also get payed a lot of money.

Downsides of being a fashion designer?

Downside of being a fashion designer are: . If no-one hires you, cause' no one knows your talent, you will just sit there with no pay at all. . If your designs arent qualified, you'll be wasting time and money. . You might get a lot of competitors, you might lose, you might win, they might work (MORE)

What do you have to do as a fashion designer?

fashion designers do many different things. sometimes they work with drawing and sketch clothing and other times they are actually cutting out pieces out of fabric and fitting sample designs of garments on models. Sometimes designers are working on accessory pieces for clothing. Fashion designers ma (MORE)

What are the daily tasks of being a fashion designer?

As I know, a fashion designer should own substantial knowledge of fashion sectors, the most important is the basic knowledge on design, master the information of how to choose suitable material to express a kind of fashion. inspiration need us to learn every day, update the brain everyday to catch (MORE)

Are there any risks to being a fashion designer?

there's risks in every career, especially when the economy turns. When everyone is broke no one has the money to spend on fashion, it's to survive. There are up sides to being a fashion designer and down sides. An upside would be getting your hard work and ideas out to the public. A down side would (MORE)

What do you have to do being a fashion designer?

You have to be able to design new ideas and brands for clothes or anything else in particular.You also have to be able to design clothes.You have to make them as if you are actually trying to sell it to someone really famous!!!

What is the plus side of being a fashion designer?

If you want to be a fashion designer, you will get to see your designs on models and get to be happy about the fact that they worked out. Also, you'll get to be more famous and meet some other famous fashion designers!

What is a disadvatage on being a fashion designer?

a disadvantage of being a fashion designer is that the job involves taking risks because when you design a dress for example, and you sell it on the market, you really don't know whether its going to sell well or not. If it doesn't sell well for example and you are in a tight position with money at (MORE)

Is being a fashion designer hazardous?

No, fashion design as a career does not present any abnormal hazards for the individual. Especially in terms of physical hazards. However, the career of particular individuals could be uniquely stress inducing and therefore cause hazard to ones overall health.

What good thing in being a fashion designer?

Best thing I can see is a fashion designer sets trends by his/her motivation that followed by others. Fashion designer make others aware about what they choose to wear, what fashion accessories like belts, shoes, bags are in trend. They are trend setter not trend follower.