What interests you about being an fashion designer?

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There are many reasons as to why I aspire to be a fashion designer.
First and foremost I love creating, I believe I'm an artist whose concentration is creating clothes for women, so they can be well suited and be comfortable in their own skin. Anything that makes has me working and challenging to be innovative intrigues me and inspires me to do the best I can in my creation.
Also, it's the glory one has completing a garment which you can see people wear, and sometimes they are filled with happiness because they withhold a unique piece of garment. But most importantly, creating something I'll be able to wear and have people see my own creations so that they can aspire to wear my designs. Fashion design is a career for me that I'm most happy to get into and I think that even if I don't become a big house name, I'll sure be able to create my life long dream.
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Downsides of being a fashion designer?

Downside of being a fashion designer are: . If no-one hires you, cause' no one knows your talent, you will just sit there with no pay at all. . If your designs arent qualif (MORE)