What invention brought Europe out of the dark ages?

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There was no one invention that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages. A few important inventions that contributed to a rise in European civilization were the horse collar, horse shoes, the heavy plow, the wheel barrow, and three field crop rotation, all of which increased agricultural production so farmers could support a greater population, helping increase the numbers and sizes of towns and cities. Other important inventions of the time included stirrups, rotary grind stones, new types of soap, and types of mills.
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Who first brought chocolate to Europe?

Christopher Columbus brought a few cocoa beans back to show Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, but it was the Spanish friars who first introduced chocolate to Europe more broadly. It wasn't until the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs that chocolate could be imported to Europe, where it quickly became a c (MORE)

Why did the dark ages begin in Europe?

dark ages begin in Europe because the great civilizations of Greece and Rome fallen. And the life in Europe was very hard. Very few people could read and write and nobody expected conditions to improve. The only learning that took place was religious and clothing was made out of mostly wool and flax (MORE)

When were the Dark Ages?

The Dark Ages was a period of European history characterized by societal deterioration after the collapse of the Roman Empire. It is also known as the Early Middle Ages. It lay between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the High Middle Ages. It lasted from around the fifth cent (MORE)

What were the Dark Ages?

Perhaps the most commonly used dates for the Dark Ages are 476 to 1000 AD. The term Dark Ages is used for a time when there was little recorded history; it was a time that was obscure. People who use the term Dark Ages usually mean the time between the fall of the West Roman Empire and about 1000 (MORE)

How did the Dark Ages in Europe end?

what got Europe out of the Dark Ages was when the Crusades went to Israel to get Jerusalem back from the Muslims. While they were traveling, they saw art and music, and they wanted to start traveling more, which led to the Renaissance.

What caused Europe to plunge into the Dark Ages?

There are a number of reasons why the continent of Europe descendedinto the Dark Ages. Among them are droughts, military incursions,repression by religious authorities, and unsustainable practices.

When are the dark ages?

The middle ages is a time know for its kings,queens,knights,peasants and castles. A time period that lasted between 476AD to 1453AD.The middle ages were also called The Dark Ages The middle ages began with the fall of the roman emperor and ended with the discovery of America in 1492

Who brought the potato to Europe?

It is believed that Spanish sailors returning from the Americas brought the first potatoes back to Europe some years before the end of the 16th century.

What is the dark age?

The Dark Age is commonly known as a period of European history. It is also called the Early Middle Ages. It was between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the High Middle Ages. It is known as the Dark Age because it was a period of cultural, political, technological, and economic d (MORE)

Who brought chocolate back to Europe?

Christopher Columbus brought a few cocoa beans back to show Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, but it was the Spanish friars who first introduced chocolate to Europe more broadly. It wasn't until the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs that chocolate could be imported to Europe, where it quickly became a c (MORE)

What was the food brought to Australia from Europe?

\n. \nJust about everything that is a part of the normal Australian diet comes from overseas. Bush tucker or the food that the aboriginals eat never caught on in any apreciative way with imigrants to Australia. Pizza and Pasta were brought also biscotti which is a favourite.

Who brought the black death to europe?

Black death was brought by traders from China, via silk road.Humanity has paid a very heavy price for the so called 'Trade'.Almost 50 % of the population of Europe including children,perished for no fault of theirs. This is like killing some body bystrangulating him by 'Silk thread'.

What was the dark ages about?

The time period of Medieval Europe has sometimes been referred to as the 'Dark Ages'. This is because invaders swept across Europe causing trade to decline, thus cutting Europe off from the advance civilizations in the Middle East, China, and India. Towns emptied, and very little emphasis was put on (MORE)

Why was there a dark age in Europe?

Because it was Dark.No really there was no Dark age.After the fall of the roman empire the kings and the others who followed where unable to match the Romans in any architectue or things of that nature and so that time was not as good as the time of the Romans.Im not sure who exactly said it but i t (MORE)

Who brought the dark ages to Greece?

There were many Occupations of Greece after the Roman Occupation. The Ottoman Turkish Occupation levied special Taxes on Christian Subjects in Greece and the Balkans. They created the Culture of Tax Evasion which is Crippling Greece and Destabilizing both the EURO$ and the EU Common Market. The Dark (MORE)

Who brought cocoa beans to Europe?

The conquistador Hernan Cortés was the first European to know that the cocoa beans were valuable but someone had brought them back before him. Christopher Columbus stole some from a Mayan trader and brought them over between 1502-1504. He knew they were worth something, but didn't understand what (MORE)

Who invented Europe?

Europe is actually a place. Not a thing. Places are not invented, they are discovered. So the question you probably meant to ask was who DISCOVERED Europe. But Europe has been around for so long, that the answer to that question is impossible to find.

Who invented medicines during the Dark Ages?

The term Dark Ages is applied by some people to a time in history when very little writing was done in Western Europe. The dates most commonly used seem to be 450 to 1000 or 476 to 1066. The later part of this time coincided with the beginning of a time called the Golden Age of Islam, during which (MORE)

Who brought tobacco Europe?

Historical accounts vary. Jean Nicot or Sir Walter Raleigh. Hopefully somebody will add to this with some historical facts.

Who brought tomatoes to Europe?

It was the Spanish who first brought tomatoes to Europe. TheSpanish also introduced the tomato to the Philippines and southeastAsia.

What did Europe invent?

There have been many European inventions throughout history. Someof these inventions were adhesive postage stamps, golf, faxmachines, economics, whisky, the mechanical anemometer,electroplating, the neutronic reactor, and liposuction.

Why did Europe fall into the dark ages?

After the fall of Rome, there was no central government governing the formerly united Roman Territories, especially Spain, Gual (France) and England and Italy. The country was plummetted into chaos. Simply put, immagine if every government agency, police, schools, trade, military, government, in the (MORE)

Brief about dark ages begin in Europe?

The middle ages or dark ages began in 410 AD with the fall of the Roman Empire. At that point any government or services were gone and people had to protect themselves from the Barbarians that were invading. So, Europe fell into a 1000 years of "darkness". 90% of the people couldn't read or write, i (MORE)

What animals were brought from America to Europe?

I know one of my favorite animals animals that was brought from Yorkshire, England to the United States was the Yorkshire Terrier. This breed of dog was originally used to catch rats and sailors would take them on their ships to control the rat population. Today the Yorkshire Terrier is mainly a co (MORE)

What events caused the dark ages in Western Europe and why did Western Europe have a dark age?

The dark ages were a period of time in Western Europe, prior to 1000 AD, known as such because of the general lack of highly centralized government as was known under the Roman rule. This was caused by a falling apart of the Roman empire, which was caused by a number of circumstances, one being the (MORE)

What pulled Europe out of the dark ages?

The Dark Ages were an age of little learning. They are regarded as having begun at about the fall of the West Roman Empire, in 476, and continued until 1000 AD. But if we look more closely, what we see is that a dramatic decline in learning in the West began in about 235 AD, and the signs of an incr (MORE)

Why is the Catholic Roman Church was so powerful in Europe during the dark ages?

Historians consider the term "dark ages" misleading and inaccurate, and the term is generally used by those who wish to convey an anti-clerical view. The church was powerful in the early part of the middle ages for a number of reasons. It would be centuries before governments accepted a role as pr (MORE)

What event began to bring western Europe out of the Dark Ages?

Nowadays the term Dark Ages is avoided by historians because it denotes prejudice. The terms Middle Ages or Medieval period are commonly used instead. This was a period which spanned from the 6th to the 15th century, from the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. Histo (MORE)

What is the Dark Ages in western Europe from 500-1000 CE society?

The Dark Ages was the time when what was known as Western European (Roman) civilization collapsed upon itself leaving nothing in its wake but chaos, disease, filth, ignorance, continual wars and an environment that blocked the sun by clouds and drove temperatures to the point where nearly a third of (MORE)

Why was western Europe in the dark ages?

Following the end of the Roman Empire, Europe was politically fragmented and disorganized. The only power exercised throughout Europe was that of the church, which generally preferred to keep things as they were, limiting progress of any sort.

What happened in Europe after the dark ages?

The Dark Ages have their name because very few people wrote about what was going on, so our history is meager. The most common view is that the Dark Ages began in the 5th century with the fall of the West Roman Empire, and ended in the 11th century. They are also called the Early Middle Ages, and we (MORE)

How did Europe emerge from the dark ages?

Europe emerged from the Dark Ages when Marco Polo came back from his journey to China. He brought back many stories and items which he showed to the Europeans, including writing a book about his travels. This opened Europe's eyes to the world and made Europe see that there's so much out there. This (MORE)

Who brought Europe out of the dark ages?

Marco Polo. Marco Polo traveled to China with his uncle and upon his return brought back many stories, ideas, and souvenirs. He opened Europe's eyes and Europe realized that there is a whole world out there, so they started trading, conquering, etc.

What did Dark Ages do?

it was the period of time when roman empire fall and they lost their literate people and science.

How did the priod of dark age affected education in Europe?

The period of the dar ages affected education because since the plague was spreading and many people were dying in the Hundred Years war many family memebers died leaving the children with little or no money to go to school. Thos who did were in the higher class.

What got Europe out of the dark ages?

You probably want to hear 'the Renaissance'. It's a commonmisconception though that the period before the Renaissance shouldbe called 'the dark ages'. In reality there was nothing 'dark'about them. Universities had been established all over Europe, theunknown parts of the world were being explored, (MORE)