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Philip James Bailey was born April 22, 1816 in Nottingham, England. Bailey's education background was in law, which he studied at the University of Glasgow and in London. He never practiced law, but instead chose to pursue his childhood interest in poetry with the support of his father. He is best known for his first work: Festus: A Poem. His later works did not attract much praise, but Bailey remained revered in British literary circles. He eventually retired to Nottingham, where he died on September 6, 1902 from influenza. Bailey authored a statement about love, which is remembered and quoted to this day as follows: "I cannot love as I have loved, And yet I know not why: It is the one great woe of life, To feel all feeling die."
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At the end of the year we have two big holidays: The Christimas and the Reveilon. Many times when we meet someone before Christimas and you don't will see she before the Revei
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