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What is believe in Latin?

Credere (To believe):  Credo - I believe.  Credes - You believe.  Credet - He/she/it believes.  Credemus - We believe.  Credetis - You (plural) believe.  Credent - They

To be a Latin king do you have to be Latin?

Obviously u have to be LATIN to be a LATIN King, hence the word LATIN in their gangs name. Otherwise the gang would just be called the Almighty King & Queen Nation, rather tha

Did Latin Christians believe that Jesus was only of divine nature?

False Jesus Christ was born of a human woman called Mary. She conceived Him by the life-giving powers of the Holy Spirit. So Jesus was partly human and mostly divine. Jesus

What is Latin?

Latin is a dead language, originally from Italy. It is the ancestor of so called Latin languages, such as Italian, French and Spanish. It had a major influence on English too.

What did Woodrow Wilson believe was the obligation of the us to latin America?

Woodrow Wilson's administration signed treaties with thirty Latin American nations to provide a means for quickly addressing conflicts. Attempting to soothe lingering ill-feel

Why do you believe?

  There are a number of theories about the evolution of religion. Many cultures make use of hallucinogenic drugs obtained from plants an animals to create visions. It's be

Have in Latin?

habeo - i have habemus - we have habes - you have habetis - you (all) have habet - he has habent - they have

What is and in Latin?

The most common word for "and" in Latin is probably "et," although there are other words that mean "and" in Latin. To name a few, "ac," "atque," and "-que." The last one is an