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What is believe in Latin?

Credere (To believe):  Credo - I believe.  Credes - You believe.  Credet - He/she/it believes.  Credemus - We believe.  Credetis - You (plural) believe.  Credent - They

Did Latin Christians believe that Jesus was only of divine nature?

False Jesus Christ was born of a human woman called Mary. She conceived Him by the life-giving powers of the Holy Spirit. So Jesus was partly human and mostly divine. Jesus

Latin for - it is what it is?

"It is what it is" in latin is: "Est quod est" - literally "is what is", you skip the pronouns because the verb forms already denote the gender and number. "Id est quod id

What did Woodrow Wilson believe was the obligation of the us to latin America?

Woodrow Wilson's administration signed treaties with thirty Latin American nations to provide a means for quickly addressing conflicts. Attempting to soothe lingering ill-feel

How do you say the word believer in Latin?

The term used in Christian Latin is credens, which is the present participle of the verb credere, "to believe". It means literally "believing [person]". In the plural (credent

What is them in Latin?

of them : eorum to, for, by, or with them : eis them (object of verb) : eos

What is the Latin for no?

  The word for no in Latin is:   minime (men-i-may)-Which is a reply to a yes or no question.   non (noen)-This describes somethinng. i.e. There are no sodas left.

Which Latin root means 'believe'?

The Latin root that means believe is cred. Some words that include this root are credere "believe", credit "believes",  credo "I believe", credidi "I believed", and creditum

Latin for do not do no?

When translating Latin, the part of sentence in which the word is  used plays a part in deciding the proper version of the word, as  there are many different endings. The ph