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RT is the short form of Re Tweet.
With this feature,you can forward a tweet by any other person to your followers.Its like forwarding an email or a message.

But RT is not an official Twitter command or feature instead of that direct Retweet button below the tweet is to be used for retweeting!!
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What are the steps for the D equals RT?

Well D=RT means Distance=rate(time) so multiply rate by time to get distance

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What is the meaning of 'RT' in Twitter?

Retweet/Retweeting  RT stands for "ReTweet." To retweet someone's tweet/message is to  share their tweet with your own Twitter followers.   When you come across an inter

What does the RT mean on a Dodge Charger RT?

Road / Track racing technology

Is there a difference between a MT and a RT on Twitter?

RT means "retweet," and implies the original tweet was copied and  resent unchanged. MT means "modified tweet" and acknowledges that  the original tweet was changed somewhat

What are the rt pcr?

  Real time PCR is uded to amplify and simultaneously quantify a targeted DNA molecule.

How do you get a twitter?

You go to the Twitter web site and sign up for membership. Then you add friends and when the friends post a Twitter, you will receive it.

What is the horsepower of a Yamaha rt 180?

That depends on they year, but only about 2,3 hp. Anyways the HP is  22.5 at the crank. Or around (this one is a estimate) 17.5 at the  Rear wheel

Why is Twitter called Twitter?

From the Twitter entry on Wikipedia, co-founder Jack Dorsey  explains:    "We wanted to capture that in the name -- we wanted to capture that  feeling: the physical s
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What are the pros and cons of RT-PCR?

There are several advantages of using real-time PCR over other  methods. Real-time PCR assays are thousand folds more sensitive  than RNase protection assays or dot blot hyb

What is RTS Appeal?

An appeal is made to Deputy Collector ( Prant) for inclusion of names of leagl heirs on ancestral property .
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What is the main chemical in normaxin rt?

dicyclomine hcl 2.5mg chlordiazepoxid 10mg clidinium bromide 5mg ranitidine 75mg