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sas are the best fighting unit in the world bar none the british sas train the American special forces and cia
They are the Special Air Service
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What was the SA?

The SA is the abbreviation for the Sturmabteilung . These were the original "storm troopers" who were the strong-arm of Hitler and terrorized the Jewish population and regularly fought the Communists in Germany in 1931-33. The SA was a paramilitary organization of the NSDAP - the German Nazi part (MORE)

What does SAS stand for?

In Military it means Special Air Service, although their official name is the 22nd Speacial Air Service Regiment. On a Sig Sauer handgun it means Sig Anti-Snag. A special treatment where all the corners and edges of a firearm are rounded and smoothed making it more comforatable for conceled or cove (MORE)

What is SAS?

Genraly S.A.S is special Army force in Great Britain. British S.A.S and S.B.S hailed as the best Elite force in the world. S.A.S stands for: Special Air Services. S.B.S stands for: Special Boat Services. SAS is also a name of..... SAS is software where in they can use it in their domain an (MORE)

What is the SA?

could stand for the Salvation Army. Answer: Sturmabteilung, meaning "Storm Division" or Stormtroopers in the German Political Party, the NSDAP. They were a paramiitary or pseudo-military arm designed to act as party organizers and functionaries as well an armed escort and bodyguard. Most often kno (MORE)

What does SAS mean?

In Software Science... SAS means Statistical Analysis Software It is an integrated system of software products provided by SAS Institute Inc. that enables programmers to perform: . data entry, retrieval, management, and mining . report writing and graphics . statistical analysis . business (MORE)

What SAS-EGBS is?

Answer . I could misunderstand you, but SAS is "Scandinavian Airlines", and EGBS is the ICAO code for Shobdon Aerodrome in Leominster, England.

What was Hitler's SA?

The SA were the "Brown Shirts" which had Ernst Rohm as its leader. The SS was formed as Hitler's bodyguard later and their uniforms were black.

What are the British SAS?

The Special Air Service is an elite special forces unit of the British army that has acted as a model for special forces units around the world. The Regiment can trace its roots to World War 2, when David Stirling, found of the SAS, commanded small teams of highly trained men to destroy German equip (MORE)

How do you join the SAS?

1 Understand the qualifications of a SAS candidate. Applicants must be males up to 34 years of age who have served in any branch of the British Armed Forces for three years. They should have not less than 39 months of active service remaining. Prime candidates must be in exceptional physical shape, (MORE)

What is the SAS postulate?

The SAS Postulate states if two sides and the included angle of a triangle are congruent to two sides and the included angle of another triangle, then the two triangles are congruent.

What does SA stand for?

South America Saudi Arabia Saskatchewan System Administrator Salvation Army Student Association Sales Associate Single Adult

Who are the SA?

Sturm Abteilung, the Storm Wing of the Nazi party. Led by Ernst Roehm they were superseeded by the SS after the Night of the Long Knives.

Sas stands for what?

Are you refering to the branch of British special forces? They are the Special Air Service regiments.

How do you get in the SAS?

you have to go through lots of special training and have many abilities that are not always easily found much and are treasured in the special forces the sas is a challenging job to take on and succeed in . bear grills is a famous SAS man who has a survival program as well Rich he learn how to do in (MORE)

How do you get into the SAS?

With great difficulty. You have to have served atleast 3 yrs in some regiment,then put urself forawrd for S.A.S training wich is still the most hardest gruelling training known to man also the longest. it requires almost super human fitness and mental strength as u get put through torture ( litra (MORE)

When was the SAS formed?

The Special Air Service or SAS was formed in July 1941 by David Stirling and originally called L Detachment as a specialist unit of the British Army during the Second World War.

Who was the SA?

The SA is the abbreviation for the Sturmabteilung . These were the original "storm troopers" who were the strong-arm of Hitler and terrorized the Jewish population.. The SA was a paramilitary organization of the NSDAP - the German Nazi party--were very important to Hitler's rise to power in the 19 (MORE)

How can you join SAS?

With great difficulty. First off u have to be British. You have to have served atleast 3 yrs in some regiment,then put urself forawrd for S.A.S training wich is still the most hardest gruelling training known to man also the longest. it requires almost super human fitness and mental strength a (MORE)

How can you join the sas?

Hey there, You will need to be in the Army for a specific amount of time. Selection Phase 1 - Endurance The first phase of selection is known as the endurance, fitness and navigation, or 'the hills' stage. This is the endurance portion of selection and not only tests a candidate's physical fitnes (MORE)

Who is Sa Sanctuary?

S.A. Sanctuary is a thrash band from Texas. They Are signed to Roid Rage Recordings This is correct. They are a 4 piece band out of Texas. Their style ranges from Industrial on the lighter side of music, and Thrash to DM on the heavier side. Their line up is : Angel Fuentes - vocals / lead g (MORE)

What is the sa node?

The SA node is the "pacemaker" of the heart. Cells in the SA node are called "pacemaker" cells and they direct the contraction rate of the entire heart by generating action potentials.

What is a sas bodyguard?

An SAS bodyguard is a bodyguard who is serving or who has served in the British Special Air Service - the principle special forces of the British Army. The SAS are trained in close protection (Or in being a highly trained bodyguard). There is a crude video showing basic SAS bodyguard techniques - ht (MORE)

What does SA mean in Schlumberger SA?

S.A. stands for Société Anonyme, which is a French term for a typeof corporation. It is also Sociedad Anónima, or other similarvariations in other Romance languages, or Spółka Akcjna in Polish,all with the same meaning.

What do you have to do to be in the SAS?

Firstly, join the army. Complete your basic training, then apply for an area of the army that suits you and the army. If the army see something special in your all round ability then you may have a chance to apply for the S.A.S. Goodluck ! With great difficulty. You have to have served atleast 3 (MORE)

Where is the SAS base?

The SAS team of Europe is in Great Britain. I think there is one in America, but I don't know the location.

What is a sas triangle?

In trigonometric geometry, an SAS triangle is an acronym which stands for "side angle side". This means that two of the lengths of the sides have been specified, and one of the angles, and you have to find the length of the remaining side.

How do you sa how about in French?

At the end of a sentence: et .... ? I like french fries, how about you? => J'aime les frites, et toi? At the beginning of a sentence: qu'en est-il de.... ? How about his feelings? Qu'en est-il de ses sentiments?

What is SAS and When it was invented?

the sas is the most elite fighting force known to man it stands for Special Air Service and it wasn't invented you dont invent a soldier you create a model of that soldier but anyway it was started in 1941

Who founded the SAS?

Which one? Presuming that you mean military forces, Britain, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Rhodesia and Turkey all either have or had a force known as the SAS.

How do you write a SA?

Think of what your writing the S.A. on and read about it for at least an hour and you will know enough to write an S.A. that will at least get a C+ it depends on how long you read.

How do you right a sa?

its "essay" and you have to collect info on whatever the topic is and write it in your own words.

Who was the premier for sa?

Without knowing when I cant give you an answer, however a list of former premiers can be found on the South Australian parliaments website, or Wikipedia.

Requirements to be in the sas?

I work in the S.A.S. here are the requirements. Speed, Accuracy, Endurance, Strength, Stealth, Good i.q and everything else.

Is there Americans in sas?

that depends if they are American and has been in Britain for over 8 years 5 years to be a citizen of the United Kingdom and 3 years for training etc... but it is the Special air service of the united Kingdom that is its full name but it just called the S.A.S now

Is SAS a phrase?

S.A.S is not a phrase, it is the elite fighting force of the British Special forces. it became the model for all armies and regiments etc... S.A.S stands for Special Air Service. It was started in 1941 and they became well known in 1980 by freeing hostages in what was and is known as the Irani (MORE)

Who is SAS?

Special Air Service, an elite unit of the British military created during World War 2 and still in existence today.

What is the SAS and SBS?

Special Air Service and Special Boat Service; elite units of the British military created to fight the Axis in World War 2. The SAS is still in existence. Not sure about the SBS.

What is the purpose of SAS?

They're an anti-terrorist organisation. They also carry out secret missions world-wide on behalf on 'Her Majesty the Queen'

Who were the SA members?

The members of the S.A we're recruited from four distinct groups...world war 1 veterans, petty criminals,unemployed workers,and alienated young men

How does sas theorem answer?

The SAS theorem is used to prove that two triangles are congruent. If the triangles have a side-angle-side that are congruent (it must be in that order), then the two triangles can be proved congruent. Using this theorem can in the future help prove corresponding parts are congruent among other thin (MORE)

What is a SAS soldier?

special air service the sas is the armys special forces with the 22nd being regular and the 21 and 23 being9 territorial. these soldiers are much more trained for specialist things much like ct (counter terrorism) and hrt (hostage rescue team) they take on risky jobs but are excellent soldiers.

What is Sa' y?

The sa'y (or saee) is the going back and forth between the two hills of As-Safaa and Al-Marwaa in Mecca by the Kaaba. This is done in rememberence of Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, who ran back and forth looking for any source of food or water for her child. It is done during the personal visit to (MORE)

Where are the SAS located?

SAS (pronounced "sass") once stood for "statistical analysis system," and began at North Carolina State University as a project to analyze agricultural research. As demand for such software grew, SAS was founded in 1976 to help all sorts of customers - from pharmaceutical companies and banks to acad (MORE)

What is the SAS logo?

The SAS logo is a two large blue lines swirled together with another pair of blue lines forming what some may call an "S".

Who were the SA and gestapo?

The SA (Sturabteilung) aka Storm troopers or Brownshirts functioned as a paramilitary organization of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (or Nazi Party). It played a key role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. SA men were often called "brownshirts" for the colour of th (MORE)

Who is Shahid SAS?

He created Roma Surrectum and sold his works to JustCommunication who then published his emmended work with Joe

When can you drive in sa?

You go up to a car and press either F or ENTER then you enter a car. W A S D - The Controls; W - drive forward, S - Brake/Go Backwards, A - Steer Left, D - Steer Right.

What is an SAS certification?

An SAS certification is given to individuals who participate in the SAS Software Certificate Program. The certification is given to people who are looking for experience with SAS software and who are seeking analytical experience.

How effective were the sa?

The SA is Sturmabteilung or 'storm department'. The SA (brownshirts) were effective under Hitler at intimidating all politicalopponents of the Nazi Party, and persecuting the Jewish populationof Germany. They were instrumental in Hitler's seizure of power inGermany.

What is SAS Programming?

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite that canarchive, alter, manage and retrieve data from a variety of sourcesand perform statistical analysis on it. SAS is Build a strong SASprogramming foundation to manipulate the data, perform complexqueries and simple analyses, and generate rep (MORE)