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In short it is a relationship term - usually after 7 years people tend to re-evaluate their relationship. There might be evidence that it is now much shorter but the original number 7 came from a time period where the average marriage only lasted 7 years.
There is also speculation that this might be a real itch related to skin condition, insects, or STDs.
  • All along you saw signs but you ignore them or you were too busy to act on them, and after seven years you finally realized what you missed and try to change it.
  • Supposedly, after being married for seven years or just being with someone for that long, you start looking at other options. Hence you have an itch to scratch. In layman's terms, one is expected to leave/cheat at this time.
  • A recent question on Hollywood sq. showed that statistics reveal the average marriage in North America lasts 7 years. maybe that's where it comes from, mine this year is 32, (where did we go wrong.)
  • It use to be the "seven year itch", but it has drastically lowered to anywhere from six months to four years. People just don't seem to rate marriage on the high end these days and if there is a problem in the marriage (there will always be that bridge to cross no matter how wonderful a marriage we have) one of the two will often walk away instead of sticking it out through some of the bad times. Sadly, divorce is at a much higher rate. TWO-YEAR ITCH INFECTS MARRIAGE COUPLES watching out for the seven-year itch should be on their guard a lot earlier these days. According to research, they are far more likely to separate after about two years of marriage. One in 12 couples is heading for the divorce courts after 24 months - more than double the figure for seven years.
  • The seven year itch statistic refers to the number of years together when the most divorces happen. So the first person was right. The seven-year itch refers to the itch to break up. According to the US Census Bureau, this statistic has slowly inched toward 8 years. So now we have an 8-year itch to scratch. According to most researchers, divorce statistics are the most abused. One of the reasons why we have an increase in divorce statistics is not shorter relationships, but longer lives. Another reason is because divorce statistics never measure abandonment. For example, divorces were low during the Great Depression, the 1930s, because it was cheaper and easier to simply leave. So it shows a decrease in divorces because they don't measure abandonment's. Ideally, we would study "relationships" and include marriages, and we would study "relationship endings", not just divorces.
  • The seven year itch is an odd term for a small mite that lives under the skin, also called scabies. It causes severe itching beginning in the wrists and feet. They call it the seven year itch because it is very difficult to get rid of.
  • The "Seven Year Itch" is not a relationship term. It is also not a mite. This term refers to eczema, a skin condition usually being a rash, which is extremely itchy and aggravating. I personally have this chronic rash, and it can last for a short length of time or a very long stretch of time such as seven years. Not everyone has it for seven years, so it's more of an expression that people don't understand and apply it to what they think is correct.
  • The Seven Year Itch is a Classic Comedy starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. The 20th Century Fox film was an adaptation of the Broadway play of the same name by George Axelrod. It was directed by Billy Wilder and presented in Deluxe Color CinemaScope. Often cited as one of the great comedies of its time, it won critical acclaim and became the biggest box office hit in the summer of 1955. It contains one of the most iconic images of the 20th Century in which Marilyn Monroe's dress is blown up above her waist by a passing train underneath a subway grate she is standing on.
  • Males tend (in my observations - and in hindsight) to have three and a half years relationship cycles (that is they re-evaluate the relationship every three to four years generally) whilst females tend to have the so-called 'Seven year itch' (with all due respect). This is partly due to the nesting instinct, and partly due to their innate patience. (I would say 'infinite' but it seems there is a limit - take note gentlemen, thus, divorces or breakups found at between three to four years and 11-12 years are typically initiated by the male, with the majority of breakups occurring at around seven years where the 'psychological security' of the relationship is at it's ebb. This being said, one also has to factor in the females nesting instinct could have an impact on a females choice regarding divorce or breakup - certainly if children were introduced into the relationship whether it is due to deep-rooted (pardon the pun) sexual motives (such as both sexes desires to procreate/nest vs hunt) or otherwise is a matter of further discussion. If it is due to a conjunction of male-female re-evaluation phases then, obviously, at seven years perhaps it is natural that breakups would occur more readily.
  • According to the news on T.V. 51% of Canadian couples live together so married couples are now the minority.
  • It was my understanding the term referred to the STD herpes; which although incurable outbreaks tend to decrease in frequency significantly after about seven years. It would be pertinent to find out how long this phrase has been in use, as well, as its cultural origins.

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Do you scratch an itch or do you itch a scratch?

The act of agitating the skin as to relieve a sensation orirritation is called scratching. Thusly, you would need to "scratchan itch". It is physically impossible to "itch a scratch", nomatter how hard you try.

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\n. \n Try taking a shower or bath 1st. \n. \n. \nIf the itch persists after this procedure then visit your Doctor !

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I am 14 and my testicles have been itching slightly for 3 years now - what should I do?

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The skin can get dried out in the summer, Try using a vaporizer at night when sleeping. Applying lotion to your back also helps.

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Your 16 year old daughter has a vaginal odor that she said she has had for a year no pain or itching but a cottage cheese discharge and strong odor?

Hi! From my personal experience it sounds like BV - Bacterial Vagnosis. Most women get this many times in their life but most don't have strong enough symptoms to indicate they have it. I would go to the doctor right away because they will have to prescribe an oral Metronidazole or a vaginal inser (MORE)

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It could be a yeast infection and it is not necessarily always itchy. You will need to talk with your mom (if possible) as you should really have a doctor look at this which they will do a PAP. I realize you may think this is embarassing but this will be a permanent part of your life (PAP's) and you (MORE)

What is the seven year itch?

It has been theorized that people go through a period of dissatisfaction with their lives, relationships, job, etc., about every seven years, which is how this expression originated. IN ADDITION: The seven year itch is a term to describe a married man or woman. After seven years of marriage, the e (MORE)

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iam a married woman and having two children and iam experiencing itching in my private part i doubt my husband he had that itching problem but iam also having white discharge with afowl smell.

Why am I itching?

Either you have a skin problem, maybe a slight irritation, or it is just the body's natural way to remove dead skin.

Why do 2 year old stretch marks itch?

Stretch marks result from skin stretching out a lot over a short period of time. All three layers of skin, including the epidermis and dermis, stretch. The dermis layer is below the epidermis, which is the topmost layer of skin. The dermis is far less elastic than the epidermis, and when skin is s (MORE)

You have been itching for 5 years it is worse at night you have tried everything you have white patches and currently one side of the vulvae is double in size?

By Mayo Clinic staff . Lichen sclerosus (LI-kun skluh-RO-sus) is an uncommon condition that creates patchy, white skin that's thinner than normal. Lichen sclerosus may affect skin on any part of your body, but most often involves skin of the vulva or skin around the anus. Lichen sclerosus in geni (MORE)

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Well if you have not had sex yet then it will not be an STD, so if that is so it is more likely to be just from the pubic hair growing. Many boy's find their pubic area itchy and nothing to worry about. If you find it getting worse then maybe a visit to the doctor would be beneficial. Another answe (MORE)

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Y would u have itching powder in the first place ^^Why ask questions? That doesn't help. ^^ Try calamine lotion. Or hydro-cortisone cream. Another thing that you may have around the house.. Believe it or not, lemon juice applied to the itchy area should help a bit. Dont scratch!! It can l (MORE)

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An itch is a very slight form of pain from your nerves. There is usually something touching you and your body feels threatened by the contact, and so you itch to remove it from your skin. In bites and stings it's because the nerves are stimulated by the poison/acid/alkali released into the bite. S (MORE)

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Because your skin can get irritated by something such as a bite or sting and it reacts in an unharmful but yet irritating manner. This is the answer to why do you itch!

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Unprotected oral sex may transfer STD's, it's not just vaginal or anal sex which can do that. Besides, you don't even have to have sex to be able to catch an STD. There are many things which can make a penis itchy, I could strain to think of all of them and type them down here, but you'd be far b (MORE)

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