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What is 168 pigs fenced in 12 pens?

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You could put 14 pigs in each pen.
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How much fencing is needed for a rectangular goat pen that is 12 feet by 16 feet?

To figure this out, simply add the distance on each side of the pen. For a rectangular pen you will have two sets of sides that are the same length. Therefore, for this pen, y

What is a pig pen called?

  A sty.

Where is the pig pen in gta San Andreas?

There should be one in East Los Santos. If you're on Grove Street make the first right over the bridge. There are basketball courts nearby left, so keep going until you have t

Why is District 12 surrounded by fences?

Because they don't want them to get food from the forest, and they are not allowed to hunt.

How to find 12 and 1 half of 168?

The easiest way it to make the mixed number into an improper fraction and then multiply: 121/2 = (12 x 2 + 1)/2 = 25/2 ⇒ 121/2 of 168 = 25/2 x 168 = (25 x 168)/2 = 210

How can you make a 12 volt fence controller for an electric fence?

A 12 volt fence controller is basically a pulsed transformer. It is run through a long wire. The long wire acts as a resistor. You could rig up an electromagnet as some sort o
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What is the average cost of a pig pen?

Pig pens vary a lot in cost, based on whether you design and build  yourself or buy premade. Also, whether you import or not. Looking  online, it looks like you can get all