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What is 1 tenth of 1 percent?

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No that is 1 tenth of 1.

1% is itself 0.01
So 1 tenth of 1% is 0.001
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What is the payment term 1 percent tenth net 30?

1 percent 10th means that if you pay the balance by the 10th of the month then you can take a 1% discount on the balance due, net 30 means that if you choose to not pay the ba

What is 1 tenth add 1 half?

1 tenth plus 1 half = 6 tenths.

What is 0.007 1 tenth of?

0.007 is one tenth of 0.07. You just move decimal one place to the right to get this answer

What is 1 tenth of 20?

1 tenth of 20 is 2...you can remember that by thinking that a double digit number divided by 1 tenth is the double digit minus a zero.