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What is 3x minus 7 equals 5x plus 13?

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3x + 7 = 5x + 13
3x - 5x = 13 - 7
-2x = 6
-x = 3
x = -3
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7 plus 3x equals 5x plus 13?

So you have the problem 7 + 3x = 5x + 13  you need to get all the x's to one side and all constants "like 7" to the other side. So from the left side, subtract 7 from that s

What does x equal if 3x-7 equals 5x - 13?

First keep in mind that you're always trying to isolate your variable, in this case 'x' 3x - 7 = 5x - 13 +13 +13 ---------------------------- Start by adding 13 to both

What does x equal if 3x 7 equals 5x 13?

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