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What is 6-1x0 2 divided by 2?

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Order of operations requires that multiplication and division be performed first.

I've added parenthesis to make the math a bit clearer.

And Voila, the answer is 7.
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What is 1 over 2 divided by 1 over 6?

1/2 / 1/6 =1/2*6/1 =6/2 =3 Hope this helps, atom_computer To explain why this is true: When you divide fractions, you can take the fraction in the denominator (the nu (MORE)

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What is negative 2 divided by 0?

You cannot divide by 0 so therefore you would get an error if typed  on to calculator for example.     2nd Answer:    Well, you can divide by zero, but that (MORE)
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What is 6 divided by 2 brackets 1 plus 2 close brackets?

6/2(1+2)=? The answer is 9. The BIDMAS or PEMDAS Rule says that brackets must be done first. 1) (1+2)=3 Then you do multiplication or division first since it is the next st (MORE)

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What is the 2 divided by infinity?

It is 0. Think of dividing 2 by a very big number. For example, 2/20000000000= 1/10000000000 which is very close to 0. As the denominator gets bigger and bigger, the quoti (MORE)

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What is 54-6 divided by 2 plus 6 equals?

It depends on the order of operations (ie: PEMDAS, meaning Parentheses, then Exponents, then Multiplication or Division, then Addition or Subtraction). If you were given "54 - (MORE)