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What is Alfred Mahan's sea power theory?

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He believed that power was derived from a great navy. Having a great navy, according to him, was based on size and strategy. His work had a huge impact on the way basically all military was run at the time, being a major factor in the naval arms race before the first world war.
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What was Alfred Wegner's theory?

Alfred Wegener was the scientist who championed the Continental Drift Theory through the first few decades of the twentieth century. Simply put, his hypothesis proposed that t

What is Alfred Thayer mahan's main legacy?

Publishing his book in 1890, "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783" which helped to promote the battleship arms race in the 1890's up through 1918. 1783 is the e

How did Alfred wegener test his theory?

i dont think anyone couldve tested that theory since no computer models in the 1800s. it was supported by fossil and glaciation evidence though. and offcourse later supported

What was wrong with Alfred wegner's theory?

People did not agree with Alfred Wegener because he could not provide a driving force for his theory of Continental Drift, now known as Plate Tectonics. People used to think
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Why did Alfred T Mahan's argue against isolationism?

Alfred T. Mahan's argument against isolationism was that the navy  could protect U.S. economic interests. Mahan also explained that a  strong navy needed overseas bases and