What is Algeria famous for?

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Algeria a Beautiful country situated in the north of Africa It bordered by tunis and morocco and the mideteranean see and make Algeria have an amazing sees
it's famous for its vast Sahara in the south , its cities in th north and its mountains in th middle
You can find a lot of interesting places and it differs from a town to an other
Its football players are very good
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Where is Algeria?

Answer Algeria is located in the far north of Africa. TheMediterrannean Sea forms its northern border with Morocco to thewest and Tunisia and Libya to the east. Mauritania, Ma

Who is a famous person born in Algeria?

Cheb Mami is a famous Algerian singer, probably best knownin the Western world for his collaboration with Sting in the song"Desert Rose." Abdelkader Alloula , born in 1929

What is the most famous statue in Algeria?

it is . Martyrs Monument . The monument was opened in 1982, on the 20th anniversary of independence, and it presides over an area containing the best views out over the cit
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What makes Algeria famous?

Algeria famous because it is the tenth largest country in theworld, the 17th largest oil reserves in the world and the 9thlargest reserves of natural gas.
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How did Algeria become Algeria?

After the war of independence, Algeria gained its independenceafter 130 years of French colonialism and became officially anindependent country in July 05, 1962.