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Andy McNab's real name is Steven Billy Mitchell. Despite some claims that it is a criminal offence to reveal an ex-SAS member's name, the source of this information is a British Government publication, 'The London Gazette'. This source is not only provided by the British Government themselves, but is freely available to anyone.

McNab has always used the initials 'DCM' as part of his title when authoring books. 'DCM' refers to the 'Distinguished Conduct Medal' McNab won during Operation Granby, Gulf War, 1991. Only 6 DCMs were awarded in this operation; the names of each recipient publically appearing in the London Gazette. Only one of the recipicients, Steven Billy Mitchell was a former Green Jacket as McNab was.

McNab also claimed to be the British Army's most highly decorated soldier when he retired in 1993, holding both the DCM (mentioned above) and the Military Medal. A cross check of the London Gazette shows that only one soldier held both these medals in 1993. This soldier was Steven Billy Mitchell. Details of Mitchell's MM also reveal that it was won in Northern Ireland in 1979, as McNab's was.

References http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/issues/55340/supplements/13620
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'Andy McNab' (real name classifed for security reasons, service number also classified) *cough* Steven Mitchell*cough* joined the Royal Green Jackets in 1976, prior to joining

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He is an ex S.A.S soldier from the UK who now writes fiction novels. it is really because people might want him dead or somthing so he is requried to keep hidden

Was Andy mcnab in the sas?

Yes. Andy McNab is a pseudonym for a British Army soldier who joined the 22nd SAS regiment in the 1980's. He is now a novelist and writes both fiction and non-fiction novels a

Why do the sas have to cover there faces on camera or give fake names like Andy mcnab?

Because it's for the protection of their identity, once an exspecial forces member got assassinated after his face was revelead,and in case of being captured, the hostage-hold
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Is Andy mcnab real person or a group of ex sas men?

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