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Armenia:is one of the oldest countries in the world.It is a very natural country and has very beautiful views mostly it's green mountains all over the land ,it's a very peaceful country.

Armenia is a small (former Soviet) republic is the southern Caucaus bordering on Turkey from west ,Azerbayjan from east ,Georgia from north and Iran from south.
Over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered by the Ottoman Turks in the Armenian Genocide of 1915-17 (and 1922).
There is a huge Armenian diaspora, and about 4 million Armenians live outside Armenia. In the US there are quite large Armenian communities in some part of California, especially the Central Valley and Los Angelos ,also in Detroit ,NY ,Chicaco.And all around the world specially in the middle east ,south America ,France ,Belgium ,Russia ,Australia...

See the Related Link for "BBC - Armenia" to the bottom for the answer ,also Wikipedia.
Armenia is my country :-)
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Where is Armenia?

Armenia is a country in Eastern Europe in the Southern Caucasus.Countries that border Armenia are Georgia, The Nagorno-KarabakhRepublic, Naxicevan, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran

What is Armenia land like?

Situated in the southern Caucasus, Armenia is a mountainous country with an average height of 1,800 metres of above sea level. The climate is continental, with hot summers and

How did Armenia get its name?

The native Armenian name for the country is Hayk'. The name in the Middle Ages was extended to Hayastan, by addition of the Iranian suffix -stan (land). The name has tradition

In which continent is armenia in?

Armenia is located on the continent of Asia, is referred to in several instances in the bible as the near east (NOT middle east!) and her most famous Mt. Ararat is also mentio