What is bane and boon?

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bane is nothing but something harmful or against nature or in simple disadvantages.whereas boon is advantages
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Liberty for children a boon or bane?

That is debated, people lean towards 'bane', if we are talking about western countries schooling and rising methods and liberating children from them. If we are talking about child labor, then it's 'boon'

Is Cutting of trees-boon or bane?

Cutting trees is a boon because it provides raw materials for themanufacture of many products. It a bane because there are fewertrees available to produce oxygen to breathe.

Is television a boon or bane?

TV is the major distraction in the life of a student today. These days students find an easy way to spend time by watching TV and are less interested in reading. but......... television is not as bad as people think it can be taken as a source of knowledge too......... .Televi (MORE)

Is Science is a boon or a bane?

I say tht it depends on our view what we r seeing. on one hand it can become a deity for us on one hand and on d other hand it can become a feri

Plastics are a boon or a bane?

Plastics are both a boon and a bane. They are a boon because theyhave allowed numerous advances in technology and medicine. They area bane because they are not recycled that often, and end up takingup space in landfills and becoming pollutants.

Is fashion a boon or a bane?

Fashion is almost another thing of pride. It might be needed or notneeded. It is the individuals who like it and on the whole there isno opinion.

Is a mobile phone a boon or a bane?

Is cell phone to a teenager is a boon, because most teenagers lead socially active lives, and talk and text a lot, mostly using their cell phones in privacy. It is not a bane to a teenager, but if used excessively and out of control, it can become a bane to others, but not the teenager. .

Are computers a boon or a bane?

Boon vs Bane Simply put a boon is a "blessing. A bane is "something causing misery." So, is a computer a boon or a bane? I believe that it is a boon. Think about all the opportunities a computer has created, think about how much easier life is with the computer. Because of computers I can: . find (MORE)

Bioweapon boon or bane?

A Bioweapon or biological weapon is one which releases a poisonous gas. Most people are infected by breathing it in or going near an infected one although the chain reaction will stop when the amount of carriers of the disease drops from death

Is plastic a boon or bane?

I'd say it's a boon. Look around you and imagine that all the plastic vanished instantly. How many things that you and I take for granted would vanish with it? A whole lot huh? Including the computer you typed your question on. Some people would drop over dead as they have artificial hearts made of (MORE)

What is boon or bane?

The phrase "boon or bane" means pros and cons. It is used to referto the good and bad of something.

Computer-a boon or bane?

In many ways computers and their ability to connect to the internet seems to be a tremendous blessing. After all, they allow us to access a tremendous amount of information. We can more easily research almost any topic we can think of. Computers can use such a wide variety of programs. They can chec (MORE)

What is the boon or bane?

Boon is something that is beneficial to be thankful for. Bane is something that causes misery or death.

Is medicine a boon or a bane?

If you are sick, medicine is of benefit (assuming you can get it). If anyone you know is sick, medicine is of benefit (assuming they can get it). Medicine is of little help to dead people:- so for them it is indifferent. There are no circumstances under which medicine is noxious.

Is technology boon or bane?

Technology is both boon and bane. Technology has brought people allover the world together through the ease of communication. Thedisadvantage is that it reduces a person's privacy and thatcommunication has become impersonal rather than relational.

Is cable tv a boon or bane?

Actually, it is neither. As with every technology (such as radio, the internet, movies, etc) cable TV has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage to cable is that it can do what is called "niche" broadcasting. That means it can specialize in one thing only-- like all news (CNN) or all weath (MORE)

Nuclear energy a boon or a bane?

Nuclear energy has both advantages and disadvantages, therefore I would say that it is a bit of both; we could describe it as a mixed blessing. From an environmental perspective, nuclear energy could be a major tool in combatting global warming, because it does not emit greenhouse gases, and therefo (MORE)

Is social networking boon or bane?

Twenty first century is totally ruled by social networking, there exists no doubt in it. Social networking is a online platform to join the people located globally to make them meet at one place to share, chat, earn and do many other things which may not be possible virtually. However, it is still a (MORE)

InformationTechnology boon or bane for India?

Information Technology is a boon or enabler for India. IT industry made over country more developing in software field.By introducing IT we will get many benefits such as introduction of computer,Internet,mobile phones and net banking.Due to this benefits I strongly believe that It is a enabler for (MORE)

Is techonology boon or bane?

i dont no do i kid bone bane i dont really care why do u want to no this but i think its bane happy? u better be

Is boon or bane of internet?

In Favor:- . Because of internet world has became a global village. . Students can take any course in any college through E-learning. . The new innovations and resources can be shared because of easy communication. . We can easily book railway tickets and movie tickets in online. . Transfer o (MORE)

Is democracy in India a boon or bane?

well am for on this topic. i think democracy is a boon.coz it isn't reasonable that the progress of our country be dependent only in the hands of one person. if the ruler is not efficient then the whole country is damned which should not be the case and people aren't that dumb that they wont underst (MORE)

Is cce a bane or a boon?

cce is really a bane. While we r in school we already work for a day n after that if we have to keep our back straight in assembling the project materials then it seems very awkward. Most important aspect of our country i.e. poverty should also not be ignored. In this country there are still people (MORE)

Is cce a boon or bane?

C.C.E has become a mixture of good and bad. While things like Dictionary making and On-the-spot-model-making sound out of world, words like Unit Tests and Lab Assessments are quite familiar. "Any change that comes is resisted". This phrase would be oddly familiar to every single student The transfor (MORE)

What is Boon or a Bane?

A boon is something to be thankfull for, it is a blessing and a benefit. A bane causes misery and distress. (Bane comes from an old European word meaning death and destruction)

Is television a boon or bane in education?

a complete 100% bane. think about it, watching tv requires no effort on your part, you just stare mindlessly and get stuck on watching it like your in a trance. its not at all educational, but its entertaining and easy. when people study, they dont look at a book like they are brain dead. you get ou (MORE)

Is consumerism boon or bane?

consumerism is a bane, people are succumbing to more desire/wants and in the process to earn more to satisfy their wants people are comiiiting crime, corruption, immoral life all negative thoughts

Is industrialization on boon or bane?

The existence of the human being on this earth is as old as the existence of the Earth itself. As the initial handful population of the world has increased over billions, gradually the human civilization has improved as well. With the passage of the time, things have absolutely changed and keep on c (MORE)

Is money boon or bane?

It depends on how you manage money.Greed for more money is a bane where as if one uses money carefully without a affinity for it, it can be the best thing one can have to fulfill what he really needs.

Is computers a boon or a bane?

According to me the computer is boon to mankind. People are helpless without computer. Today it is the employments of millions of people. Computer is the greatest invention on earth especially for students. In fact, students and teachers are encouraged to use Information and Communication technology (MORE)

Are sports a boon or a bane?

it is both a boon as well as bane.it is so coz boon- 1.it keeps us fit 2.it increases concentration power 3.it increases mental power 4.it increases team spirit bane- 1.mind is diverted 2.no personal lyf left 3.hve to live with a tiresome feeling 4.affect academic lyf

Is rain a bane or a boon?

Rain is a two sided coin it is boon as well as bane, its boon for the farmers as they get high yield of crops and they also regulate the temperature of the surroundings. But when it rains unceasing then it increases the water level of many rivers such as Indus and Sindhu river, this results in massi (MORE)

Is friction boon or bane?

friction is 99% boon because you can't imagine a world without it. without friction, you cannot write on paper as the ink will not stick to paper. if you kick a ball, it will never come to rest. you cannot walk without it and so on. it is 1% bane because at times, it causes hindrances in machinery w (MORE)

Is industrialisation a boon or a bane?

we can say that industrialisation is a boon to the modern industrialists,engineers and the rest modern people,because it made life easier for them even from cleaning house to heavy industrial activities we are having machines.It saves the precious time and effort of the human and makes him to do his (MORE)

Are private hospitals a boon or bane?

baigan , they are good only . dont dare to think so or else i will bang you and drag you like a sheep . dont angry me or else you will know the result on the spot .

Is taking loan a boon or bane?

Taking out a loan can be either beneficial or harmful, a boon or a bane, depending upon the purpose of the loan. Money spent wisely can make your life better; money spent foolishly can make your life worse.

Is religion is a boon or a bane?

It is a great benefit to millions of people, it is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe. It contains a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. However, noninterference in private matters of faith would be a distinct advantage in the world

Is beauty contest a boon or bane?

It is both. Have found it interesting that while all contests still require you to be "beautiful" to enter, they all have begun to stress intelligence, by asking questions. Some of the questions are very lame and require an emotional response, rather than an intelligent response. Need to ask the sam (MORE)

Is communication boon or bane?

It depends on what you consider important. However, I would say it's a boon. It helps with hunting and surviving. Imagine if birds couldn't warneach other of danger, or if wolves couldn't strategise with eachother. If humans hadn't learnt to communicate with each other, wewouldn't be here, and I wo (MORE)