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Bilingualism means that there is more than one official language for example Canada has English as a fist language and French as a second language.

An individual can be bilingual by having some degree of fluency in two languages. People can be fluent or nearly so in the standard spoken form of a language while having less skill in reading or writing it. The kind of fluency here does not necessarily involve knowledge and ease of use of the many specialized vocabularies that any language has that deal with medical, scientific and other fields.
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What is the definition of the prefix bilingual?

Bilingual is an adjective, not a prefix. It literally means two languages. It can refer to people who speak two languages, or types of education where both of two languages ar

Is there a relation between bilingualism and dialect?

Bilingual is two languages, while Dialect is a region orientated part of the language. if a language were A and a second language would be B bilingual is A plus B While

Is Selena Gomez bilingual?

Yes, she also speaks Spanish.

What does bilingual mean?

The term bilingual means "two languages" and may refer to a location, or a publication, or a person. A bilingual individual is one who can speak (or more specifically, speak f

What is a bilingual secretary?

A bilingual secretary is one who speaks two languages. A secretary born with two tongues would be a double-tongued secretary. LOL

What does it means to be bilingual?

The meaning of the word bilingual is the ability to speak at least two different languages. This is common in areas where both English and another language are prominently spo

What are the purpose of bilingualism?

To know if this kind of language helps the student to participate in school and in other practices or it may affect the students who use the said language.Students who use bil

What are the disadvantages of bilingualism?

the biggest issue with being bilingual is the mix-up of words, terms and grammar. When the language one speaks most in is not the same as the one they think in there is usuall

What is bilingualism without diglossia?

the situation i which two different languages are used for same set of circumstances, e.g, in Canada English and French languages are used with out any function separation
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What jobs require bilingual languages?

International sales rep Translator Customer service Teacher Alternatively you could look for a skilled job that requires you to speak more than one language, a field engineer