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The Flower Pot Men is a British children's program produced by BBC.
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How do you keep ants out of flower pots?

Answer check-mate the ants keep a spill tray below the pot filled with water. IN ADDITION: Check with the local gardening supply stores near you and see if they carry diatomaceous earth. It looks like tan flour. Sprinkle this near the base of any plant or make a circle with it around around the (MORE)

How do you clean ceramic flower pots?

Basic dish soap and water works quite well. If the pot is unglazed (that is the standard brown flower pots) scrub with a scrub brush to remove the residue and let air dry. If you are concerned about bacteria, you can place a dry pot in the oven at 200 degrees to sterilize them. Leave about 20 minute (MORE)

What do the flower pot rocks look like?

The best flower pot rocks are white. You can use any size but thesmaller ones are the best. The smaller ones will allow the roots tostill grow and push through the rocks.

Is ben ing interested in men?

NO MATE. Liam healy is gay. who gets bowled everytime we play cricekt. NO MATE. Liam healy is gay. who gets bowled everytime we play cricekt

Do men like flowers?

Well I'm gay and I'm in a relationship. One of my straight friends (who's a girl) gave her bf a teddy bear instead. She told him that she was going to get him flowers but he said that he likes the teddy bear better so she got him that instead.

Which province has the flower pot rocks?

The Hopewell Rocks, also called flower pot rocks, are located onthe shores of the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy at HopewellCape near Moncton, New Brunswick. Due to the extreme tidal range,the base of the rocks are covered by water twice each day.

How do you get Flower Pots in My Lego Network?

Available at Rank 1, you make them from 1 Red Flower and 1 Mason Jar. Mail a Worker Bee to receive the Flower Patch Module Blueprint in return. This will allow you to eventually harvest red flowers. You'll have to trade 2 Worker Bees with Flora to get the Potted Plant (flower pot) Blueprint. Once yo (MORE)

Do men like receiving flowers?

Some do but it depends what kind of personality he's got. If he's kind, loving, sweet and caring then he probably would. But if he's not the sweet kind of man who won't appretiate everything you get him, he may not.

What is a popular red or pink flower in flower pots?

Geraniums and zinnias are popular flowers that are pink or red andcan be found in flower pots inside or outside the home. Zinnias andgeraniums are typically annuals. However, there also are perennialspecies of each. For example, there are two perennial types ofzinnias.

Can women send flowers to men?

hell no unless he is gay...so ladies stay away from that idea!. It truly depends on the man. If he is into gardening or loves plants, a bonsai tree might be the perfect "flower" gift for a man. You can purchase either an indoor or outdoor tree. If he already has a garden, find out what type of plan (MORE)

Can you plant potted tulip flowers?

Yes, I would think so. Give the plant water and sunlight after it blooms until all of the leaves dry up. Then keep it in a dry place until fall and set in the ground, about 4 inches deep with the roots down. I do warn you- tulips are not like daffodils- they do seem to make new bulbs and spread an (MORE)

Why did bill and ben get arrested?

because they were sexually harassing a sunflower and got let off with a caution. but later that day were caught drink driving whilst racing a snail. they ran over a squirrel. there tax disk was also out of date!

How do men pollinate flowers?

When man touches any flower,the some particles of the pollen grains sticks to the man's hand,nd when that man touches any other flower,the pollen in his hand transfers to the other flower, and pollination takes place

What is the equivalent of flowers and candy for men?

Almost every guy is different, therefore shopping is very difficult for guys. Typcially we enjoy things that have to do with a hobby of ours. Even more so, has to do with our favorite sports team. Anything that has to do with this usually makes men happy.

How do you keep chipmunks out of flower pots?

U Scram works really good and it lasts a long time. We swear by this stuff. uscram.com , also sold on Amazon. Just put one of these cork shaped trees soaked in essential oils into your pot or flower area, and watch chipmunks vanish.

Where is the flower pot with the map piece on poptropica?

first you lower the thing with hay on it. the man will tell you to go to his wife. she is stand on the ledge of a house. she will tell you a code that says 312. the plants you are about to hit swings when you hit it. you hit the third plant then the first on then the second one.

Do you plant morning glories in flower pots or in a garden first?

Morning glories are hardy enough that they will survive and grow almost anywhere. If you want to start these flowers from seed before the ground reaches 50 decrees F (warm enough to nurture seeds), then you can plant them in a pot indoors and germinate them. Otherwise, you can sew the seeds in th (MORE)

Why do men send flowers anonymously?

1. Token of appreciation, he admires you, but is married and doesn't want to be known; 2. He likes you, he wants to express his feelings, but for certain reasons (you are taken, for example) he doesn't want to harm your existing relationship; 3. Give it a week, if by that time you won't figure o (MORE)

Why do men stop giving flowers?

There are LOTS of reasons. These reasons could include... *That They Ran Out Of Money. *They Have Better Things To do. *They Get Bored Doing This Stuff. *E.C.T. Hope This Helped :) Answered By Cubadude.

How can you keep raccoons out of your flower pots?

TRY MOTH BALLS 1 - 2 ft apart or less as a boarder along flower beds, or a couple inches apart in flower pots. I've had the BEST LUCK WITH THESE. RE-APPLY after they melt from the rain. Do this for about 2 months. That'll get you through their season. They do smell but they worked the best for (MORE)

Does Pottery Barn offer terracotta flower pots?

Currently, terra cotta pots are not in stock at Pottery Barn, however some stores may have local vendors that supply them seasonally. Terra Cotta pots have been in stock in the past, so I suggest checking back annually!

How do you make a flower pot in Minecraft?

First, you'll need a block of clay (found in water), go to the furnace and heat it up with either wood, or charcoal. Wait a minute or two to let it finish heating up, then you will have 3 bricks. After that, go to your crafting station, and then put one brick on the 2nd left line. Then, put the 2nd (MORE)

How do you make a flower pot in minecraft 1.4.4?

You go to a lake or river or ocean and look for clay on the bottom (greyish colored block). When you get it smelt the clay in a furnace and the item "brick" you place it on the crafting table like this: on the middle row place it on every square except the middle square. THen on the bottom row place (MORE)

Where can you purchase flower pots?

There are a wide variety of retail locations and online sites that are known to sell flower pots. Home Depot, Lowe's, and Amazon are just a few examples of companies that sell this item.

Where can you buy potted trees and flowers?

One can buy potted trees and flowers at a market which specialised on plants. There are also many different small shops that sell plants. Also there is the possibilty to buy plants on the internet.

Where can one purchase flowers for men?

One can purchase flowers for men at Walmart. Also one can visit the website Proflowers for very fresh flowers for men. Another website to buy flowers for men is FTD.

What is a flower pot?

An object that has an opening at the top and may be able to hold dirt and flowers.