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Booker Taliafero Washington
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The life of Booker t washington?

Booker T. Washington was a leader in the African-American  community. He was an author, teacher and adviser to two United  States Presidents.

How did Booker t Washington get out of slavery?

Booker T. Washington and his family were freed by Abraham Lincoln's signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. He later wrote about it in his famous book "Up From Slavery."

WHats Booker t washingtons kids name?

Washington was married 3 times 1- Fannie .N Smith summer 1882 1 girl Portia M Washington .Fannie died May 1884. 2- Olivia A Davidson 1885 2 sons Booker T Washington Jr & Ern

How did Booker Taliaferro Washington get his name?

Mr. Washington discussed the origin of his name in his autobiography, Up From Slavery: When he began to attend the newly opened school for blacks in his town (Malden, West Vi