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Brahma vidya is like jisko band ankho se bhi sari duniya ka dristanth dikai deta hai jisko har aane bale next second jisme kiya ghate bala hai sab malum hota hai parantu bo sab santi or vivek ke santh jiska manan karta hai...like valmiki rishi...is Brahma rishi hi know Brahma vidya ....jiska shrif or shrif lok kalyan ke liye hi upyoug kar sakte hai...
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Who is the father of Brahma?

Brahmanism, an early religion in the Indian sub-continent, is considered an early form of Hinduism.

What is the slogan of 'vidya dadati vinyam'?

  Vidya dadati vinayam, vinaya dadati paatrataam, paatratva dhanamaapnoti, dhanat dharmam tatatsukham.   Education gives Humility; Humility gives Character; from

Why does Brahma has four heads?

It represents his omniscience, that he sees in all directions. The 'Brahma' is the name given to the creator of an Universe. Its simply a title, like that of an minister.Thi

Who are Brahma Kumaris?

  The answer to your question can be easily found by "googling" brahma kumaris   or searching for it on www.wikipedia.org. Good luck.

Who is a Worshiper of Brahma?


What is Brahma known as?

"brahma", "brahma (poem)", "brahma poem" and "the brahma" Another answer Brahma is one of the three major gods in Hinduism. Brahma is known as the creator of everything in th

What are the features about Brahma?

some features of brahma (the hindu god of creation) are:his 4 heads - each one of them speaking 1 of the 4 vedas (the most sacred, religious texts for hindu's).his consort sar

What is the hump on a Brahma bull for?

The hump on the Brahma Bull is basically a survival mechanism. It  is a large deposit of fat that the bull can use to live on in case  of severe hunger.

Why does Brahma hold a pot in his hands?

Brahma hold a water pot called a Kamandalu in his front left hand. The pot symbolizes the cosmic energy by which Brahma brings the universe into existence.

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How old is Vidya Balan?

Vidya Balan is 39 years old (birthdate: January 1, 1978).

What does Brahma the god do?

  he is the creator

Who are the Sons of Brahma?

  Brahma's mind born sons are the seers Marici, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratuj, Pracetas, Vashishta, Bhrgu and Narada. From Brahma's body came his nine sons Daksa

What does Lord Brahma represent?

  Lord Brahma is considered as the creator of the world. In the beginning only Vishnu existed. From his navel came a lotus flower. Brahma was born in this flower. He then