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Brahma is one of the three major gods in Hinduism. Brahma is known as the creator of everything in this universe.
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What is Brahma Vidya?

Brahma vidya is like jisko band ankho se bhi sari duniya ka dristanth dikai deta hai jisko har aane bale next second jisme kiya ghate bala hai sab malum hota hai parantu bo sa

Did Brahma have children?

no he dind't

Who is the father of Brahma?

Brahmanism, an early religion in the Indian sub-continent, is considered an early form of Hinduism.

What is the story of brahma?

Brahma is the least worshipped god in Hinduism. This is because stories were told about him making his wife and daughter, fancying then marrying his own daughter, Saraswati, g

Who are Brahma Kumaris?

  The answer to your question can be easily found by "googling" brahma kumaris   or searching for it on www.wikipedia.org. Good luck.

Who is a Worshiper of Brahma?


What are the features about Brahma?

some features of brahma (the hindu god of creation) are:his 4 heads - each one of them speaking 1 of the 4 vedas (the most sacred, religious texts for hindu's).his consort sar

Who are Brahma and Vishnu and Shiva?

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the central three of the Hindu gods. 1. Brahma - Creator 2. Vishnu - Preserver 3. Shiva - Destroyer The three gods are together known as Tri

Who is Brahma?

Brahma is the Hindu god of creation.

Why is Brahma not worshipped?

I once asked a Vedantist Swami this very same question. I believe there are indeed only two temples left in India that are dedicated to Brahma specifically. The Swami told m

What are the other names of lord brahma?

prajapati is brahmas other name the main religion of india. it teaches that everything is part of a universal spirit

What does Brahma the god do?

  he is the creator

Who are the Sons of Brahma?

  Brahma's mind born sons are the seers Marici, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratuj, Pracetas, Vashishta, Bhrgu and Narada. From Brahma's body came his nine sons Daksa

What are facts about brahma?

He is the creatorhe is part of the Trimurtihe has 4 headshe has four armshe holds a lotus flower in a handhe holds a rosary in a handhe holds a water pot in a handhe holds the