What is Bristol palin's bra size?

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She was a 36DD pregnant, a 36 E nursing, and was a 36C like her mom pre pregnancy.
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What baby names did Bristol Palin's choose?

Bristol Palin named her baby Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. He was a healthy seven pounds four ounces, Bristol and the baby's father Levi Johnston plan to get married in Octo

When is Bristol palin's wedding?

\nI suspect that the Palin clan is holding out until Spring when the rose garden at the White House will be in full bloom. Weather will be milder then and Bristol and Levi's

What is Sarah Palin's bra size?

It has been said to be 36c. Her measurements are reported as 35 and 1/4 - 30 and 1/2 - 40 and 3/4.

What is Governor Sarah Palin's shoe size?

Previous Answer: That's not released information. It is the same as her boot size, but that's not released either. From the debate with Senator Biden, her size is smaller than