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A ''chinaman'' is a ball bowled by a left-handed bowler to a right-handed batsman that spins from off to leg
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How long is a chinaman?

it is a statement, actually, kind of. How long would be the name of a person in this case. The real statement would be, "How Long is a Chinaman." My father's response was al

What is Chinaman?

In cricket, a delivery from a left arm spinner which goes from off to leg, ie into a right handed batsman. It is rare to see this type of bowling for a number of reasons:It ne

Why is the chinaman pitbull called chinaman?

"Chinaman" Pit Bulls are simply American Pit Bull Terriers that have a well-known fighting dog, Grand Champion Garner's Chinaman, in their pedigrees. A pedigree is a dog's fam

What do chinaman pitbulls look like?

I have seen them in black, dark brown with white nose, and tan. This dog turn to be dark colors. If you like shining black dogs look for chinaman, I hasn't seen this dogs exce

Where does the chinaman pittbull comes from?

In the related links box below, I posted the information about Garner's Chinaman.

What is a chinaman in cricket?

Left-arm unorthodox spin also known as Slow Left Arm Chinaman, is a  type of Left  Arm WristOff  spin bowling in the sport of cricket. Left-arm  unorthodox spin bowlers us