What is Chloe in Chinese?

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well if you mean the name Chloe, it is Greek and it means "blooming"
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How are you in Chinese?

'How are you' in Chinese pinyin is "Ni Hao Ma". In Chinese characters it is '你好吗'.

Do in Chinese?

Answer \n. \n..Do in Chinese? How you say it or in Chinese letters? I only know how to say it. There are different kinds of Chinese and I only know Cantonese Chinese. "Joe" is do in Cantonese Chinese. Joe as in a boy's name. Hope this helps!\n. \n \n. \n do in Chinese is : zuo4 (做)

Where is Chloe rocks?

she is a normall member and a normal person but only the build a bear ville staff know the password so she comes online whenever they sign into her u are lucky if u see her i hope i have answered your question

What is 'How do you do' in Chinese?

Ni hao ma ? , how are you ? For the people who meet each other for the first time, we usually also say:认识你很高兴!(Rènshi nǐ hěn gāoxìng!).

Who is chloe rocks?

Chloe rocks is a girl in buildabearville. She is like everyone else in buildabearville except she is different if you get what i mean! She has ginger hair in a high pony tail and has a colourful pink and purple outfit. She comes to buildabearville from time to time to visit everyone. Every year ther (MORE)

What is the in Chinese?

The definite article 'the ' is not used in Chinese. The woman is very tall Nuren hen gao ( literally , woman very tall ) however you can say this ( that ) woman is very tall zhe ( na ) ge nuren hen gao

Do you Chinese?

What the hell, what kind of question is that? Do you mean "are you Chinese?"???

What the Chinese do?

Thru out history, the Chinese have been characterized as "merchants." Examples: The Silk Road (travelled for the purposes of trade); Marco Polo (discovering new trade goods); Colombus seeking a route to China for the purposes of trade; European explorers seeking trade routes to China for trade: silk (MORE)

Is there a chloe poole?

Hey people its me Chloe Poole. . Yeahh there is a Chloe Poole because i am Chloe Poole!!xx . Enjoy and hope to see you soon?! . Lovee you Jake! XxX . Me + Emilyy Bestesstt buddieess :D . Hele,Alysha,Billie,Aish ly2 !

Who is chloe harwood?

Chloe Harwood is a scene model. She has a Tumblr(theeffloressence), Twitter (ChloeHarwood) and a Facebook(chloeharwood2) She has over 100 fakes using her name, and one of her pictures isused my approximately 10,000 fake accounts. leave my bae alone creep's

What is chloe phobia?

Chloephobia is simply the scientific term for those who are afraid of seeing, hearing, or some who have it bad, smelling "Chloe's".

What is chloe in Gaelic?

Chloe has no direct translation in Irish. You could use a similar sounding name like Clíodhna or Clodagh.

What were the Chinese about?

The Chinese in America helped build the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869; were part of the 49ers in 1849; and built the levies in California's Sacramento Vallery.

What is Chloe Moretz phone number?

WikiAnswers does not provide personal information. The personal cell phone and home phone numbers or addresses of celebrities, singers, bands, actors/actresses, and models are not made available to the general public for privacy and safety concerns. It is also against WikiAnswers' rules to ask f (MORE)

How do you say Chloe in African?

"African" is not a language. Africa is a continent that contains 54countries and more than 2100 completely different languages. Someestimates place the number of languages at around 3000. If you have any quesitons about African languages, you will have tospecify the language. The most prominent la (MORE)

What did the Chinese do?

Invented gunpowder, paper as we know it today, the compass, printing, golf, and differential gears, to name a few things.

What is the movie Chloe about?

The movie Chloe which was released in 2009, is about a woman who suspects her husband is cheating on her. So she hires Chloe an escort to seduce her husband and test his loyalty to her and their son. The meetings multiply and the descriptions get more and more graphic, which tests the loyalty of the (MORE)

How do you become Chloe moretz boyfriend?

I would be myself and see if she likes me for who I am. Also I would try to take her somewhere nice. If she doesn't want to go out I would stay with her at home and have a good home cooked meal.

What is Chloe bridges full name?

Actually, Chloe was credited as Chloe Suazo when she guest starred on George Lopez . And IMDb also has her alternately listed as Chloe Suazo. -S Hey guys, its Hollywood records here. We will like to tell you about Chloe Bridges the new star coming to Disney channel. her full name is Chl (MORE)

In what season of smallvill does Chloe dye?

Episode 22 (Phantom) in Season 6 is the first time Chloe Dies by healing Lois in the Dam. Episode 12 (Fracture) in Season 7 is the second time Chloe Dies by healing Lex to save Clark. There hasn't yet been a third time for Chloe.

Is Chloe coming back on Smallville?

Yes, Chloe will be back in the 10th season of "Smallville" however she will no longer be a series regular. She'll only be in several episodes in order to end her storyline.

Does Chloe grace moretz have a boyfriend?

you really think i know PS Justin bieber is indubitably terrible [indubitably means undoubtedly] Justin is yesterday's news. I cannot believe the dishrag handshake he gave Chloe at some function. Shows he's either overworked or unappreciative of his fans. Either way, it indicates he is not the one i (MORE)

Who is Chloe wigley?

she has sailed round the world twice through and climbed mount everist as a hobby

Where can you find cheap Chloe handbags?

Cheap Chloe handbags can be found anywhere, depending on where you live, although cheap Chloe handbags are usually known to be knock-offs. They could be found on a street shop, or online too.

Is chloe real?

Chloe is a common name for a girl, and if you are a human called Chloe, think, are you real? Yes of course you are

Who is Chloe mortez?

she is a 13 year old actress who has been in various movies like Kickass and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

How smart is chloe?

well, many chloe are extreeemly clever i.e ME soo that must mean that all chloes are clever and are superiour to EVERYONE ELSE so go die in a hole

Where is Chloe on bakugancom?

buy a season 3 bakugan then open it, rub the black part near the magnet hard and firm long enough so a 10 digit code appears

Are chloes real?

Well , Chloe is a name , right? So , it's apparently real .It depends on what Chloe you are talking about .

What about Chinese?

China is a very big country in the world .It has a long history .there are many interesting places here.such as the Great wall .the Summer palace and so on.. During the course of several thousand years,loving peace,stressing defense,seeking unification,promoting national unity,and jointly resisting (MORE)

Who is chloe coscarelli?

chloe coscarelli is the winner of food network show called cupcake wars she is now a chef you can see her on her website below and see her success!

Does Chloe rhyme with me?

Because the stress of the word "Chloe" is in the first syllable, it would be easiest to rhyme with a phrase such as "show me" or "know me" and not just with the word "me."

Who is Chloe Lynch?

Chloe Lynch is the most beautiful girl in the world and I wish she was mine

Can you be Chinese?

You can be a Chinese citizen and be of a different ethnic group at the same time. Nationality and ethnicity are two different things.

Who is Saint Chloe?

There is no Saint Chloe but look for others there are millions out there!! good luck

Do Chloe and alek date in the nine lives of chloe king?

Yes In The Book They Do Go On One Or Two Dates But Noone Knows For Sure If They Will In The Tv Series :) Just Tune In And Find Out They Premiere New Episodes Every Tuesday At 9:00 Pm ( Depends On Your Time Zone Though) :)

Do you no chloe leech?

The best way to find someone that knows Chloe Leech is to check on social media. If Chloe has a Facebook page, you would be able to look her up by her name.

Who is chloe Allen?

chloe allen [born september 24, 2000] is an actress who played roles in sound of music and charlottes web.

Where is your Chinese?

The little I ever knew is largely forgotten. I remember shi and bu and that's about it. Oh, there's gou pi , too, which caused my Taiwanese hosts to break up into gales of laughter, and then get very serious and ask me if I knew what it meant. (I did, so they found it hilarious again ... it's a (MORE)

Who is Chloe Mafia?

She was a former contestant on the British TV show, X Factor. She was kicked off of the show when a national newspaper revealed she was a prostitute and a drug dealer and due to being caught snorting cocaine in between the show.

What does Chloe lick?

Rephrase the question please and give more detail, or you may end up with an answer with innuendo.

What is Chloe?

In Greek, the name Chloe means- verdant and blooming. The nameChloe orginated as an Greek name.

What is from in Chinese?

I don't understand what you're talking about, but I think I could answer your question easily. What is from in Chinese? Hmm.... You wanna know where Chinese is from? Or what is inside Chinese. Never mind... The Answer could be: China. Maybe that's the answer you're looking for....