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Cubism is a style of art created in 1908 by two famous painters Pablo Picasso and George Braque. They both used a lot of cubism in their paintings.

- Many think that Cubism is an art of transition, an experiment which is to bring ulterior results. Those who think that way have not understood it. Cubism is not either a seed or a fetus, but an art dealing primarily with forms, and when a form is realized it is there to live its own life… …If Cubism is an art of transition I am sure that the only thing that will come out of it is another form of Cubism (Paris 1923).
* artist quotations from 'Picasso speaks', text by Marius Zayas, in 'The Arts', New York, May 1923

Cubist painting was primarily concerned not with lifelike representation but with the depiction of forms from many angles at once. This was done through breaking up the subject into facets.

- When objects shattered into fragments appeared in my painting about 1909; this for me was a way of getting closest to the object… …Fragmentation helped me to establish space and movement in space.
* artist quote by George Braque, from "Braque", Edwin Mullins, Thames and Hudson, London 1968, p. 55
Cubist Paintings Cubism paintings are paintings which are broken up, analyzed and put together in an abstract way - Instead of drawing the picture from one angle, the artist draws the picture from loads of different views to show the object in greater detail.
Definitely and categorically none!
Simply because that is the very idea of analytical cubism.
A style of art where to the expense of the art it is fragmented
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Why did Cubism occur?

Picasso said they wanted painting to equal sculpture so as to see the subject from different angles.

Where was cubism invented?

Cubism was invented in France at the beginning of the twentieth century by George Braques and Pablo Picasso.

Why was Cubism Created?

  When painters were paid to paint still life they had to paint it as realisticly as possible. However, when photographs were invented they were not need any more so they

What is the medium of Cubism?

During the first period 1908-11 they used oil paint. The second phase of cubism included collage and drawing in pencil, coal or ink.

What is facet cubism?

  Facet cubism or analytical cubism is the type of work Braque and Picasso did 1909-1912. They broke down form into fragments (facets), color was not of interest.

Why did artists do cubism?

Cubism is a style of art created in the 1920's * by two famous painters Pablo Picasso and George Braque. They both used a lot of cubism in their paintings. Cubism is a type of

Is cubism African?

No! its french and spanish because Picasso the creator was spanish and his assistent was french, George Braque so not African :)

A sentence for Cubism?

In cubist artworks, objects are broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled in an abstracted form-instead of depicting objects from one viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject fro

Why did Cubism start?

The three-dimensional work of Paul Cezanne was an influence on  Cubism. Cubists attempted to show the reality of life and their  world by breaking the objects or people they
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Where did 'cubism' originate?

A nonobjective school of painting and sculpture developed in Paris in the early 20th century, characterized by the reduction and fragmentation of natural forms into abstract,
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When and why did cubism start?

Cubism is 20th century form of art used by great artists such as  Picasso and Barque. It was a hard time for artist, because the  camera was the new big thing, which could c

What is Cubism in painting?

In painting terms, cubism is defined as astyle of painting in which everything that is painted or drawn isin the cube-like structures. In this type of painting, artistattempt