Who is Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey is a famous financial advisor. Dave Ramsey is a famous radio personality and author. He also written many books on financial matters. Mr. Ramsey attempts to hel (MORE)

Who is Dave Days?

Dave Days makes parodies of songs. For example: Justin Bieber - "Baby" has a parody called "I'm Just a Baby". He lived in Wawa, PA where he attended high school. After graduat (MORE)

Who is Dave Gorman?

The man who made a series exclusive to dave(a british tvcenter)called Dave Gorman modern life isgood- ish .

Dave-what is it?

it is a channnel on digital tv where you can watch stuff about cars and gizmos and comedians!!!

Who was Dave Antrell?

Dave Antrell was an extraordinary musician/vocalist/songwriter/producer. He went from playing in covers bands in high school and college in the '60's to a varied career that (MORE)

Who is Dave?

Dave is the one who programmed the Text Magic Phils. and the 3l337 computer genius in the Philippines... ;-)
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Is Dave fat?

i don't know Dave, therfore i do not know wether or not this Dave you speak of is fat little earthling.
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How did Dave Dave get burned?

When he was six years old, whilst he was asleep David's father doused him in kerosene and chucked a lit match on him before fleeing. His father later claimed the stress of bei (MORE)

Is Dave an adjective?

Dave, often a short form of the given name David, is a proper noun,not an adjective. The possessive form (Dave's) would function as anadjective where necessary.