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Delhi is a metropolitan city in North India. New Delhi (a part of Delhi) is however the capital of India. Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has been the capital city of the country since a long time. Delhi was called Hastinapur during the rule of the Kauravas and Pandavas (as in the epic Mahabharata) almost around 3300 BC after which the capital was shifted to various other cities by different dynasties that ruled the country. The capital was placed back to Delhi by the Sultan dynasty and maintained by the Moguls. British India during the initial period assigned Kolkata (then Calcutta) as the capital but then shifted the capital to Delhi after the British Empire was formed.
Today Delhi is a highly developed metropolitan city with a large population and numerous companies and research Institutions established. Historic monuments and a long history make the city a major tourist attraction point alluring tourists from all over the world.
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Why do you like delhi?

Many people love Delhi for the history and culture surrounding thearea. The Red Fort, Hamayun's Tomb, India Gate, and Lotus Templeare must-see attractions when visiting Delhi.

When did Delhi become New Delhi?

Delhi is a state which has got several districts. One of the district is New Delhi which is the central part of the Delhi state. India Gate, CP, Parliament, Supreme court and

What is Delhi NCR stand for?

It stands for. The National Capital Region (NCR) in India is an informal name for the conurbation or metropolitan area which encompasses the entire National Capital Territory

How did delhi get its name?

There are a number of legends associated with the origin of the name Delhi . One is that it is derived from Dhillu or Dilu , a king of Mauryan dynasty who built a city at

The sultans of Delhi?

comparitive account on internal and external expension of the delhisultans
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What can you do in Delhi?

You can visit the Red Fort, at one time there was an evening lightand sound show about the history of the fort and the region. Delhi is also famous for food here you can test
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How do you reach new Delhi from Delhi?

Um, this question doesn't make sense because New Delhi and Delhi are actually one city. The city New Delhi was changed back to Delhi recently. There is no difference between t