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The Kingdom of Denmark: Is most commonly known as Denmark, is a country in the Scandinavian region of northern Europe. Our population is around 5,475,791 and growning. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government. As stipulated in the Danish Constitution, the monarch is not answerable for his or her actions, and his or her person is sacrosanct. The monarch formally appoints and dismisses the Prime Minister and other ministers. The prime minister is customarily chosen through negotiation between the parliament party leaders. The National Anthem Is: Der er et yndigt land (national) Translated it means "There is a pretty country." It has a Free market capitalist economy, ranks according to one measure as having the worlds highest income equality. Denmark is also known for being the most peaceful country in the World, Denmark was Ranked 2'nd of being the Happiest country in the world based on standards of health, welfare, and education.

Denmark owns Greenland.
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What is Denmark known for?

Because of its size and population Denmark isn't known for many things. A short list of known Danish items, ideas and people would result in: . H.C Andersen's fairytales, p

What is Denmark famous for?

A mixed bag of suggestions : Vikings leaving an impression on the English and French Fairy-tales by H. C. Andersen The Kronborg castle which is the location of Shakespear

What is Denmark borrdered with?

Connected through land with Germany, to the south. Connected through sea, Norway to the north, and Sweden the the northeast.

What is Denmark food?

Danish food is centered around lunch both in tradition, but also in food. Much food is actually eaten with or on bread (rybread or darkbread) along with alcohol (beer and snap

What is Denmark national airline?

SAS, or Scandinavian Airlines (formerly known as ScandinavianAirline System), is the national airline for Denmark, Norway, andSweden.
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What is Denmark close to?

Germany, Sweden, Norway (separated by sea) and the UK (separated by sea)
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What is Denmark popular of?

The country drinking most beer, and the kids in denmark uses the computer, mobil, playstation and tv more then any other country.
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What is Denmark knownn for?

all kinds of cheese and the roe deer. the roe deer is inhabitant to denmark and made famous by the disney movie Bambi, Bambi is a roe deer.