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Developer : developer is the person who develop the web pages Application Developer : the person who Trends delivers strategic and tactical information about emerging software trends and technology to IT technical management
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Difference between builders and developers?

Simply put, A builder builds and a devloper devlops! In detail - There are many Real estate companies who sell appartments, townships & Villas but not most of them know to bui

What is a main difference between developed countries and developing countries?

The income level and the standard of living are higher in developed countries, primary because the relationships within the economy are better defined.

What is the difference between training and development?

Training is focused on individual tasks, all nuts and bolts ... how to turn a wrench. Also, training has a beginning and an end. Development is the whole person concept. Not

Difference between human resource development and human development?

human resource development view human beings as means to increased income and wealth rather than as ends. It is concerned with human as a resource to increasing production and

What is the difference between grow and develop?

  Growth is done primary from the inside or from the being. Develop can be from the original specimen or from an external source. You can develop an idea, but you cannot

What is the difference between a developed and developing country?

Developed Country: Industrialised countries that have a high economy and standard of living.   Developing Country: A country that is poor and whose citizens are mostly a

What is the difference between a developed economy and a developing economy?

Developed Economy - 1. Rate of unemployment is low 2. High Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita 3. Heavy emphasis on health 4. Heavy emphasis on education 5. Low

What is the Difference between web development software development and application development?

The biggest difference is that web software is shared by a host with many users allowing them to interface with data while application software (like on your computer) is used