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What is Flyleaf's album cover meaning?

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The boy on the cover is supposed to be an angel. The birds and the rope holding him are his wings.
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What is the meaning of the Beatles' album cover Abbey Rd?

if you're referring to "paul is dead" that was nothing. somethings journalist made up to get their magazines to sell. other hints like rev. 9 played backward was john messing

What does the cover on Flyleaf's CD Memento Mori mean?

'Memento Mori' meaning "Remember you're mortal". And whenever the king would came back from a war or something, there would be a parade. But a slave would be behind him saying

Album covers are an effective way to do what?

provide listeners with additional information about the music and musicians. An eye-catching cover may prompt an impulse buy , or generate an interest in some thing new.

What does Flyleaf's song 'The Kind' mean?

It's about greed. Between the chorus and the verse, Lacey says, "You can't serve God and money. You can choose one or the other."

What rock album had cows on the cover?

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

Who is the girl on the ligeia album cover?

The 2008 sophmore release from Ligeia entitled "Bad News" has a NYC based model named Bobbi Kent on the cover. The band does not have any affiliation with her nor did they w

Who design's Mika's album covers?

Mika and his sister Yasmine create the album covers, along with a few other artists. You can see more about it on his youtube account MikaSoundsBlog. There is a video called B

What is the meaning of Coldplay's album cover for Viva la Vida?

Well then maybe the question shouldn't be about the album cover. This is all great stuff. I am seeking a literal Roman Cavalry Choir tranlation of "Viva la Vida". Can any c