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What is France's main language?

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French is easily the main language in France.
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What is France's five minority languages?

  Which are the minority languages in France? - Flemish, Alsacian, Picard, Breton, Catalan, Basque, and different forms of Occitan, Monagasque, Nizza.

What are France's major languages?

all i know is thatt they speak french and English if you want any more info sorry but i don't have it :( French 88%, German 3%, Flemish 0.2%, Italian 0.1%, Catalan 0.4%

What is France's official language?

  French is the only official language in France. Many other dialects and languages are spoken in France but none have official status or recognition.

What are France's main tourist features?

  For some tourists, the wine country, for a very small number it is the beaches of Normandy and for a few the Cote de Azur is the destination of choice. The vast number c

What is France's main dish?

One of the main dishes served in many homes in France is sauerkraut  and sausage with potatoes. Fresh vegetables are often served with  this meal.

What is france's second language?

France is known to not "have" a secondary language, A different languange known by someone who's french is from their own dicision.