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French is easily the main language in France.
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What is France's main religion?

France's main religion is Roman Catholic. Other religions in France are Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim.

France's main goal in aiding Americans in the American Revolution was?

It goes something like "The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend". France was not concerned about the lofty goals of the Colonial Americans wanting independence. The hope was to dam

What is the main language of Yaounde?

Cameroon is officially bilingual English/French. Yaoundé is well within the French-speaking area, but Keep in mind that these are the old colonial languages. Business in Yaou

What is the main language of Tuvalu?

The official language of Tuvalu is Tuvaluan, a Polynesian language variation; most of the population also speaks English.

What are the three main languages of opera?

I believe they are: Spanish, Italian and German 2nd answer: The main operatic languages are Italian, French and German. There have been Spanish operas, just as there have bee

Is Portuguese the main language of Argentina?

No . The main, and official, language of Argentina is Spanish. But, like Uruguay, the Portuguese language is a required subject for schoolchildren. For there's heavy traffic