What is G6P deficiency?

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Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase is an enzyme necessary for the metabolism of red blood cells. Its deficiency leads to hemolytic anemia usually triggered by exposure to some drugs.
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What is the answer for erectile deficiency?

erectile deficiency . erectile deficiency can arise from physical, psycological or\nenviromental situations. although initially they can be divided into either psychogenic (of the mind) or organic (of the body) causes, they are not mutually exclusive.

What is deficient curriculum?

Deficient curriculum is a curriculum that doesn't meet acceptablestandards. It is lacking in some way, perhaps causing pupils tofall behind the students in other comparable locations.

What are organizational deficiencies?

Clearly the answer to this depends on the context of the question, but the general answer based on the plain meaning of the phrase relates to how well businesses are managed. To the extent that I value businesses for a living I regularly analyze companies for what we refer to as "company specific ri (MORE)

What is a deficiency disease?

A deficiency disease is caused by lack of some nutrient, or essential component for proper bodily functioning. It means that an individual is not getting some really important vitamin or mineral. This can lead to severe consequences for growth, health, or proper bodily activities. However, few are f (MORE)

What is deficiency diseases?

A disease that is caused by a lack of a substance. For example, Anaemia is caused by consuming low amounts of iron

What is a niacin deficiency?

Niacin, or vitamin B3 occurs in most grains, especially whole grains. Severe deficiency of niacin (which is usually associated with malnutrition, or starvation) causes the disease pellagra. The main symptoms of untreated pellagra are the "4 D's": Diahrrea, dermatitis (red sores or itching), dementia (MORE)

What is a deficiency judgment?

\n. \nA deficiency judgment is where the owner of a mortgage or deed of trust is awarded a judgment against the borrower in the amount of:\n. \nthe amount of money owed in the mortgage or deed of trust\n. \nminus\n. \nthe amount of money the property sold for at foreclosure sale\n. \nIf the abo (MORE)

What is the meaning of deficiency?

Answer . There is not enough of whatever the subject is. For example, one who is iron deficient does not have enough iron in their body and should probably take an iron supplement.

What is deficiency?

Deficiency means when you lack something for e.g There diet is deficient in vitamins The correct spelling is deficiency. The meaning of deficiency is ashortage or a lack. It can also mean a shortcoming or a failing.

What does deficient mean?

Deficient means something lacks something. "This meal is deficient in protein" means it lacks protein.

What is iron deficiency?

It means that you should be getting more iron in your diet. The human body conserves iron by recycling iron from old red blood cells to make hemoglobin for new red blood cells. However, a constant intake of new iron is required for optimum health. Low iron levels may be caused by inadequate in (MORE)

What is the deficiency of sodium?

sodium does not have a deficiency of electrons but has an extra electron in its outermost shell,which it loses to form an ionic bonds.

What does deficiency mean?

de·fi·cien·cy. dəˈfiSHənsē/. noun . noun: deficiency ; plural noun: deficiencies . a lack or shortage.. "vitamin A deficiency in children" synonyms:. insufficiency, lack, shortage,want, dearth, inadequacy, deficit,shortfall; More. scarcity,paucity, absence, deprivatio (MORE)

Deficiency on proteins?

Please ask your question in a COMPLETE sentence. This question is impossible to answer because there is no way to tell what you want to KNOW about a protein deficiency.

What is serotonin deficiency?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) responsible for feelings of well being and happiness. Serotonin is found in the central nervous system, where it regulates mood, appetite and sleep, and in the gut, where it regulates intestinal movements. Symptoms of serotonin deficiency include dep (MORE)

What is nutrient deficiencies?

Nutrient deficiency is the deficiency of a nutrient over a long perod of time.It can result in various diseases which can be overcomed by eating a balanced diet. The nutrient deficiency is not cured by eating a lot of food but by ating variety of food . We should help poor get food as they have th (MORE)

What is ADA Deficiency?

It is a genetic disease that can disrupt the usual development and activity of your immune system.

What is the deficiency of iron?

well iron is imperative for our health so i would suggest that you try to take in iron enriched foods or in other words try to get iron in your body ,well back to the question iron deficiency is when a person is lacking the amount of iron the person should have in there body they have sorry, explain (MORE)

What are deficiencies of protein?

Kwashiorkor is the name of the condition experienced by people whohave protein malnutrition. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwashiorkor

What is albumin deficiency?

Albumin is a protein in the blood that is synthesized by the liver. It represents visceral (or "organ") protein stores in the body.. A person may have hypoalbuminemia (or low albumin levels) for many reasons. Dietitians use the serum albumin level as an indicator of protein malnutrition, though oth (MORE)

What is cholesterol deficiency?

Low cholesterol can make a person more susceptible to cancer. Cholesterol is a major component of cell walls and being deficient in cholesterol can make it easier for cancer cells to get into cells. This is very over simplified. This could also signal a problem with your liver or a diet drasticall (MORE)

What is a tax deficiency?

Tax deficiency is defined in section 6211(a) of the IRS Code. Tax deficiency occurs when the correct amount of income tax owed is more than the amount shown on the taxpayer's return. This means that the taxpayer still owes tax to the IRS and might be assessed interest and/or penalties. If the taxpay (MORE)

What are nutrient deficiencies?

· Growing children require a lot of protein. Lack of protein will cause a disease known as kwashiorkor (stunted growth). vitamin . function . Effect of deficiency . A . · For growth and to promote healthy skin. · for good vision at night. · night blindness. B . · pr (MORE)

Do you have a bone deficiency?

Every week I seem to find a sore spot on my body and it always feels like a broken bone. However I never do anything to injure these areas. For instance this week I noticed the joint that connects my big toe to my foot is in pain and swollen but i never hurt it. Sometimes these things go away someti (MORE)

What is G6BD deficiency?

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) deficiency is a hereditary condition in which red blood cells break down when the body is exposed to certain drugs or the stress of infection.. G-6-PD deficiency; Hemolytic anemia due to G6PD deficiency; Anemia - hemolytic due to G6PD deficiency . G6PD (MORE)

What is overt deficiency?

Overt deficiency is what is commonly known as sickle cell disease.This means that there is lack of sufficient iron in the blood.

What are the deficiency of fiber?

1. Fibre is to keep the digestive system healthy andfunctioning properly. It speeds up the excretion of waste andtoxins from the body preventing them from sitting in the intestineor bowel for too long which could cause a build-up and lead toseveral diseases. Without Fibre the following will happen: (MORE)

What is calorie deficiency?

A negative energy balance. This means that you consume less energy than your body consumes during a certain time span.

What is color deficiency?

Color deficiency is a more accurate term for "color blindness". It is an inability or a reduced ability to detect and distinguish between colors. Most often it is caused by a factor of the X sex chromosome which prevents the development of one or more types of retinal cones--the sensors within your (MORE)

What is metabolic deficiency?

I believe it is when your body lacks some of the enzymes it needs for metabolism, which a a chemical process that cells undergo to produce certain substances and energy it needs to survive.

What is criterion deficiency?

A second consideration in establishing performance standards is the extent to which the standards capture the entire range of an employee's responsibilities. When per- formance standards focus on a single criterion (such as sales revenues) to the exclusion of other important but less quantifiable pe (MORE)

What is the deficiency of vitamin A?

The deficiency of Vitamin A means that you do not have enough Vitamin A. Vitamin A is found in milk, butter, green and yellow vegetables, etc. Can be treated by adding Vitamin A to your diet.

What is a deficient product?

Companies intentionally make products which are not the best quality i.e. deficient in order to ensure people will need to constantly re-buy the product. If the product was made to the best quality possible then the company would easily shut down as after everyone has the product, they would be sort (MORE)

Is 13 deficient?

Yes it is. Here are the first few deficient numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21

What is iodide deficiency?

Iodine is an essential element for the function of the human body, especially the thyroid gland. Seafood is generally rich in iodine. Iodine deficiency results in goiter (a swollen thyroid gland) hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland) and, in the case of young children, cretinism (a condition (MORE)

What is a subclinical deficiency?

deficiency of a nutrient sufficient to affect health but not severe enough to cause classic deficiency symptoms is in the early stages, before outward signs have appeared and is "covert"

What are the deficiency diseases associated with protein deficiency?

Protein deficiency is called Kwashiorkor, and the word means 'the rejected child'. That refers to a child who is no longer getting breast milk because another child has been born. It is easy to spot because the hair of a dark haired child starts looking red. This is because the colour in the hai (MORE)

What is riboflavin deficiency?

when the chronic failure to eat sufficient amounts of foods that contain riboflavin produces lesions of the skin, lesions of smooth surfaces in the digestive tract, or nervous disorders.

What are complement deficiencies?

Complement deficiencies are a group of disorders in which there is a reduced level of specific proteins, complement, involved in proper immune functioning.

Why is eight deficient?

The factors of 8, excluding itself, are 1, 2 and 4. Their sum is 1+2+4 = 7 which is less than 8. Therefore, 8 is deficient.

Is 56 deficient?

A score of 56 out of a hundred would be pretty bad, in terms of normal educational expectations. A passing grade is normally 65.

What is the deficiency for carbohydrate?

Carbohydrates follow you in your usual diet. Carbohydrates are made form glucose. Glucose is the first thing, which is made by plants. So you normally get enough carbohydrates and need not bother for carbohydrates.

What is mental deficiency?

If one defines mental in this question as a cognitive deficiency the general guidelines suggest that an IQ (intelligence quotient) below 70 indicates a mild mental deficiency. If an individual's IQ falls below 50 then the deficiency falls in the moderate range while an IQ of 20 or less indicates a p (MORE)