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This stamp is a common US commemorative stamp.
Mint US stamps are worth their face value to use as postage, so you can use yours that way, if you need postage.
Otherwise, your stamp has negligible value ( less than 25 cents retail) , but please do not throw it away!
Keep it in your stamp collection for your children or yourself when you have more time. If you have more than
one, you may be able to trade it for stamps of similar value. .
Or give it to a collector friend. Collectors always appreciate the thought even if they do not need the stamp.
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What is the value of 3 cent George Washington carver stamp?

This stamp isn't worth a lot. It is Scott Catalog #952. Issued as a commemorative Jan. 5, 1948. 122,362,000 were printed. There are 5 values for this stamp and they are: Ne

Can you buy 8 cent stamps?

The USPS is currently not offering an 8 cent stamp for sale on its web site. You can purchase 4 cents stamps.

What is a Tom Sawyer 8 cent stamp worth?

  American collectors would call that U.S. Scott number 1470. It has the minimal catalog value of 20 cents, mint or used.

How much is an eleven cent stamp worth?

Eleven cents in the United States. To determine if it has additional value, you will need to consult a postage stamp catalog. Check your local library or online catalogs to id

What is a 5 cent Shakespeare stamp worth?

  American collectors would call that U.S. Scott number 1250. It has a catalog value of 20 cents, mint or used.

How much are 3 cent stamps worth?

An unused 3 cent stamp can be used for postage at 3 cents. Used  these are mostly of minimal value, not likely to be purchased by a  dealer in small quantities and can be pu

What is a 3 cent Lincoln stamp worth?

3 cents

What is the Alamo 9 cent stamp worth?

You can purchase a copy in used condition for 15 cents.  A mint copy might cost you a quarter.  To the government it is worth 9 cents worth of postage. Be careful of those

How much is a George Washington 1 cent stamp worth?

The US has issued many stamps with George Washington of many different values, including a number of 1 cent values. And if it is unused, you can always use it for 1 cent posta

What is the value of a 8 cent Eisenhower stamp?

  Scott #1394 et. al. There are two major types of this stamp, a multi-colored one and a brownish purple one. There are more than 6 different varities. They can be purch