What is HDMI audio return channel?

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It will send audio back to the receiver to eliminate needing an additional HDMI cable.
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What is HDMI?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the brand new A/V solution that brings a whole new entourage of features to your home theater. You do not have to worry about cables getting tangled, since a HDMI cable is compacted of audio and video interface that is transmitted within one cable. It (MORE)

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How do you get audio onto a tv from a computer when the video is connected via HDMI - is it possible to get the audio using a jack to rca adapter?

That is exactly right. There is a jack that looks like head phones on one side and the other side splits into left and right audio plugs. On the back of your tv there should be audio plugs that are associated to the hdmi plug. Plug in your audio here. Alternately you can plug your audio dirrectly in (MORE)

What is the the difference between 7.1 and below audio channel?

I'm not sure if I fully understand your question but I'll take a shot.. Dolby 5.1 stereo has 5.1 audio channels:. Right front, right rear, left front, left rear and center. The sixth one is what I like to call a "pseudo-channel". It is for a subwoofer. The reason it only counts as ".1" is because (MORE)

How do you get audio via HDMI to your receiver if your using the HDMI to send video to your tv?

I take it you are using your laptop to watch DVD etc on your HD TV. I had the same problem where the sound was coming out my laptop. I solved this by going in to the sound options on my computer (which you can access in your control panel) then set your sound default as HDMI. This should solve the p (MORE)

Why wont an HDMI cable play audio on a tv?

If the HDMI source is setup to output multi-channel audio and the TV is stereo then no audio will be heard. Simply set the source to output 2-channel PCM over its HDMI connection

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What is better HDMI audio or digital optical audio?

HDMI and optical are both physical carriers for data. Whateversignal is put onto the cable or fiber will come out the other endand will be identical quality. The quality of the signal isentirely dependent on the signal source and not the interfacecable. The better interface is the one that fits bett (MORE)

Can HDMI carry analog audio?

HDMI cables can carry audio but it is in digital format only. Any HDMI connector will be capable of carrying the audio content and any input should be capable of receiving and processing the audio in digital format. There should normally be no need to use analog audio with HDMI but there is one no (MORE)

Why audio is not coming in TV when laptop is connected with HDMI cable?

Computers are increasingly using digital video instead of VGA. Many computers now have a DVI connector in addition to \nthe standard VGA connector. DVI carries digital video and happens to be the same signal format as used in HDMI cables. Using a DVI to HDMI cable allows most modern televisions t (MORE)

What is an audio channel?

Just plain 'ol music or radio; will usually feature the name of the artist and maybe a history, or other information. Also of note is the "clock channel" lol

What does a HDMI audio and video cable do?

HDMI is a type of video interface developed to carry high definition video signals. Additionally, HDMI will support standard definition video and carries audio as part of the signal. The cable provides a convenient method of carrying video, audio and control signals between devices without the need (MORE)

Does HDMI cable carry video and audio?

HDMI is a connector standard designed fo rboth HD and SD video. It will carry both audio and video signals within the cable so it provides a single cable interface between equipment. It might be worth mentioning that DVI, the digital computer display interface that is gaining popularity is compatib (MORE)

How do you hook up turtle beach x 11 designed for xbox360 to home theater system all of my HDMI cables run to the receiver then 1 HDMI cable runs to the tv how do you route audio to your X11?

I recently purchased the X11 headset I also have the same system hook up with hdmi through an av receiver. I have plugged the headphones directly onto the headphone jack on my receiver, i can then use them on all sources into my receiver, not just the 360. I then run the usb to the 360 for power and (MORE)

Can you get 7.1 channels connecting audio via HDMI?

Yes, under two conditions. You need the 7.1 signal available in the program data stream, and you need an appropriate decoder. Alternatively, if the program does not contain 7.1, the decoder does signal processing to attempt to emulate a particular listening space, giving you a derived 7.1 channel en (MORE)

What is remapping audio channels for 5.1 surround?

Remapping is sometimes offered to allow 2-channel speaker systems to play back 5.1 surround DVDs. This option remaps the rear speaker sound to the front two speakers so that sound effects, music and other rear-only sounds can be heard if you only have 2 speakers.

Does the shopping channel accept returns?

The shopping channel is like any other online retailer. Returns can be accepted provided certain conditions are meet and approved by the retailer. Return shipping may be at the expense of the consumer.

Does HDMI cable carry audio to tv monitors?

Yes. It HDMI stands for High Definition Multi-Input. It uses audio and video. For more information, search http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_hdmi_cable_carry_video_and_audio .

Can you install a 2.1 channel speaker into a 5.1 audio system?

If the speakers are passive and you can connect a line input into the sub separately, then yes. Most receivers can be configured for only two front speakers and a sub, although you will be losing all of the surround effect and the center channel benefits.

How do you change your audio channel from 8 to 6?

Generally audio and speaker configuration is achieved through the Windows control panel applet, either the vanilla Windows applet or by an applet installed with the audio hardware. The game itself may also have configuration settings within the game options. Knowing which game, your particular au (MORE)

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Is it true that HDMI cables provide the best quality HD picture because the audio and video connections is in the same cable?

There is no truth in the statement. HDMI is an interface that carries digital audio and video signals. The image quality is dependent entirely on the quality and resolution of the signal that is delivered to the HDMI port by the video source. The HDMI connectors and cable carry that signal to the r (MORE)

What is HDMI IN?

It a port that is available to connect your Video High quality systems, You will fine HDMI port on your HD TV, Laptops, Home Theater and more

How do I fix the audio settings for my HDMI TV?

I'm having a little trouble with my HDMI settings. No matter howmany cables I use or what I try to change, the TV simply refuses toplay the sound. I know it can play sound through the HDMI set up soit's not a matter of the audio being broken (I hope). I had thesame issue with an ouya (that has a sor (MORE)