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There isn't a drug available that will do the job as yet.

The root of the problem when explaining this is that people are not aware that viruses do not reproduce. The viruses enter cells and use the cells to make more viruses.

To cure AIDS or any viral condition, the virus has to be destroyed where it replicates. That is in the cell. Furthermore, the virus has to be destroyed in other parts of an organism where it resides.

Observations that are often quoted on the net aren't followed up by the researchers because these observations are impractical. Killing the virus in vitro is not killing the entire infection in vivo.

To clarify that, we already have anti-retroviral drugs that limit the re-infectivity in a person.. This means the amount of viral damage to the person can be limited. It doesn't meant the person is cured as the constant likelihood of reinfection by viruses from where they replicate (the cells in the immune system) will reinfect the person if the drug therapy is ended.

Anyone who stops their AIDS therapy to receive some strange treatment outside their country is putting them self at great risk.

Anyone who presupposes a new sexual partner to be risk free is putting them self and any other sexual partners at great risk.
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Why is herpes incurable?

Answer . because it is a virus. just like the common cold there is no cure.. Other answer ( smarter one). What makes herpes incurable is that it hides itself very well from the immune system and that once someone has caught it, it remains inside that person's body forever. Herpes simplex (MORE)

What is HIV?

HIV . HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is an incurable virus, which can cause a life-threatening condition called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).. A person who has been infected with HIV is said to be HIV-positive. There are two main types of HIV: HIV-1 and HIV-2. The most aggress (MORE)

How Do You Get HIV?

1. Through sex 2. Through needles 3. Through breast milk No; HIV is transmitted via sharing of needles, blood, breast milk, joint and spinal fluids.

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Is bipolar disorder truly incurable?

It can be. it just depends on what methods are used and how severe the case is. Hypnosis, although effective, is an unethical and unreliable method to use in this case; it only covers up the symptoms rather than "curing" them. Many bipolar sufferers use drugs to suppress the symptoms but others, suc (MORE)

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Why is AIDS incurable?

It is highly mutagenic (it mutates frequently) making it very difficult to identify appropriate strategies to destroy it. HIV has been incurable because the antiviral therapies used totreat these viral infections only target replicating viruses. Ininfected patients, some cells have HIV viral genome (MORE)

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What is HIV and what does it do?

HIV is a sickness that kills the helper T cells (keep memory of what a sickness does and how to kill it). We normally have about 1000 helper T's, but when we get below 400, we get AIDS, Wich makes us vulnerable to get sick very easily, and with no helper T's to keep track of how to kill the sicknes, (MORE)

What can you not do if you have HIV?

You cant have unprotected sex. You can't share needles. You can't travel to many countries. You can't play contact sports such as rugby. You can't, or shouldn't, become a teacher (because kids have lots of colds, etc). All and all you just need to live a lonely life in a clean environment, hope like (MORE)

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How can not you get HIV?

well you cant drink like go clubing and drink all the tine dayafter day, and get drunk or else you well get hiv. also by havingsex all the time (WHO EVER WROTE THIS IS AN ABSOLUTEIDOT!!!!! DRINKING AND GOING TO CLUBS HAS NOTHING TODO WITH GETTING HIV(AIDS), YOU CAN ONLY GET HIV FROM BLOODTRANSFU (MORE)

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Can you get HIV from?

when you had sex with a person who has the virus, when you have sex with different partners and if you used a syringe or infused with blood that came from a person having HIV.

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What does incurable mean?

Incurable is usually used to describe a condition which cannot be be cured or fixed. An example of a sentence containing 'incurable' would be; "The Doctor described the patients prognosis as dire, since his cancer was incurable, ".

What is the disease that is incurable?

Sure ,the " aging " is the incurable disease, Lupus, Alzheimer's, HIV. But incurable does not mean its fatal. Medicines can slow the grow of the disease down These are chronic diseases and certainly will come a time in which there is a treatment, but sure , will not come a time in which there is (MORE)

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How many incurable dieace are there?

This question is hard to answer with our limited knowledge of medical sciences but if you want to know there are some STDs that are incurable as well as some forms of cancer such as small cell lung cancer...

Why is herpes simplex incurable?

Because no one has worked out how to kill the virus that causes it. And it is chronic because the virus is stored in nerve tissue in your body and can break out at any time to cause legions, then return and wait for another opportunity to break out.

How gynecomastia is incurable?

Gynecomastia is curable. It is due to two reason : 1. Fat accumulation in breast. 2. Excessive glandular tissues in breast. In case of Fat accumulation the extra fat is excised from the breast using Plastic surgery thus giving a normal shape to male breast. In case of glandular tissues Th (MORE)

Why is a cold incurable?

The reason it is incurable is because it adapts too fast, for example: the medicines that scientists and doctors produce are based on observations of the illnesses from the previous year, unfortunately the germs adapt to the changing characteristics and they actually form an immunity to the medicine (MORE)

Why do you have HIV?

because you touch tomato sauce and a burger bites you on you little finger and all ur skin falls of and turns to HIV which falls onto your bum from the ground ....... word out to all the HIV criminals out there peace of cake mother aids

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How can you no if you have hiv?

The only way to know for sure whether you are infected is to be tested. This involves a blood test described later in this section. You cannot rely on symptoms to know whether you are infected with HIV. About half the people who are infected have flu-like symptoms within two to four weeks of havin (MORE)

How do you get for Hiv?

HIV is found in specific human body fluids. If any of those fluids enter your body, you can become infected with HIV.

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Jane Pierce was the wife of President Frankline Pierce. She died on March 4, 1857 from Tuberculosis. Her condition was incurable because there was no treatment for the condition at that time.

Why are certain diseases incurable?

The word "incurable" is a form of surrender used by someone who has not yet discovered, or perhaps assembled, the research to show that a disease can be brought into remission. Diseases can look incurable for a long time, not because we haven't found a method, but because there are alternate movatio (MORE)

Is impotence incurable?

Treatment for impotence depends a lot on the underlying cause, but basically, I would say in most cases you can definitely help things, yes. Psychological factors can play a big role. Try decreasing stress and anxiety in your natural lifestyle, cultivate a better work/life balance and even consid (MORE)

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Why is ADHD incurable?

It's unknown exactly what causes ADHD and typically, without knowing the exact cause of a disease pathology, it is not possible to cure it. However it can be treated/controlled.

What an HIV?

HIV is an acronym. It refers to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).