What is Hercules real name?

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Hercules in Roman,
Heracles in Greek
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Why was constellation Hercules named Hercules?

At the end of the Hercules myth Hercules gets poisoned by his wife on accident, Zues was all like "ah crap", and so he was like son come and be a god and a constellation. I th

Was Hercules real?

No. He is not real. Hercules is the Roman name for the mythical Greek demigod Heracles. He is the son of a god (Jupiter to the Greeks and Zeus to he Romans) who married a mort

Who named Hercules?

Hercules is a corruption of the Greek Herakles given to him by the Romans.

What was Hercules real name?

The real name for the greek hero "Hercules" was Heracles, but when the Romans invaded and took over the adopted the myth and named the hero Hercules. So Hercules is roman, but

Where did Hercules get his name from?

Hercules is actually a roman adaption of the Greek god Heracles.Hercules got his name from his father, the god Zeus, and hismother, the mortal Alcmene.

Hercules is real Jesus is just a myth?

Other way around. Jesus is real. Hercules is a myth. See, Jesus may or may not have been a white or a black. Since he was born in an eastern nationality, he was probably a tan

What is Little Hercules' real name?

Little Hercules is the nickname of a Ukrainian-born American actor, bodybuilder and martial artist. His real name is Richard Sandrak, and he earnt his nickname by being able