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What is Homeless not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi?

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What is Homeless not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi?
Homeless, Not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi is a poem that talks about the life of the poor and rich, the differences between them, and the hope of the poor in another life.
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Is hopeless an adjective?

Is hopeless an adjective?

Hopeless, meaning destitute of hope, is an adjective.

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Discuss the use of two poetic devices in the poem homeless not hopeless by sola owonibi?

the uses of devices used in this poem 'homeless not hopeless'is very effective and straight forward.let look at how the peot present is text effectively,the uses of oxymoron i

What is the use of two poetic devices in the poem homeless not hopeless by sola owonibi?

Sola Owonibi successfully used oxymoron and antithesis to paint the picture of hardship and polarization between the extremely rich and the extremely impoverished; for instanc

Why is there homelessness?

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The poem Homeless Not Hopeless is a didactic poem of human society Discuss?

the poem homeless not hopeless by sola owonibi is adidatic poem which has morals and this morals becomes vivid and clear in the description and analyzation of the poem.A didat

What can you do about homelessness?

donate to charity and perhaps even start your own funding. Rally up friends and collect money from other generous people, surely someone will be willing to help
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Summary of homeless but not hopeless by sola owonibi?

"Homeless, Not Hopeless" is a poem by Shola Owonibi. This poem is a  comparison between the homeless and those who are not, but in it  all the homeless still have hope of go

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