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What is Homeless not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi?

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Homeless, Not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi is a poem that talks about the life of the poor and rich, the differences between them, and the hope of the poor in another life.
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What is sola fide?

Sola fide is a Latin exclamation that when translated to English means "by faith alone". If your question is with relation to a religious (Christian) remark that was supposed (MORE)

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What is sola gratia?

This is a Reformation slogan which is Latin for 'by grace alone', referring to the way of salvation by grace as opposed to seeking it through good works. It is often coupled w (MORE)

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What is homelessness?

Homelessness is where you have no addressed home and do not have clothing, food, shelter, and medical care. Homelessness is where you do not live under a roof with assistance, (MORE)

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What is SOLAS?

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How is sola deo gratia pronounced?

Given the religious nature of the quotation, it's probably most appropriate to pronounce this in the Ecclesiastical (Church Latin) manner: SO-lah DAY-oh GRAH-tsee-ah. Howeve (MORE)

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Is hopeless a verb?

no because you can not do hopeless run is a verb and you can run but you can not hopeless.

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Discuss the use of two poetic devices in the poem homeless not hopeless by sola owonibi?

the uses of devices used in this poem 'homeless not hopeless'is very effective and straight forward.let look at how the peot present is text effectively,the uses of oxymoron i (MORE)