What is Idaho's 2012 population?

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Approximately 1,595,728 people.
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What is Idaho's weather like?

Idaho has four distinct seasons. It's extremely dry. The winters are cold; it snows from time to time and there are short periods of inversion in which the city it in fog. Spring is beautiful for 3 months, summers are hot and very dry, and the autumn are also generally dry. Other than the odd fogg (MORE)

Who were Idaho's first inhabitants?

The first inhabitants of Idaho were Native Americans that includethe Nez Perce people. European and Mexican explorers were among thefirst settlers who joined the Native Americans in Idaho.

What is the origin of Idaho's state name?

The name Idaho as in the state has Native American origin Originally suggested for Colorado, the name "Idaho" was used for a steamship which traveled the Columbia River. With the discovery of gold on the Clearwater River in 1860, the diggings began to be called the Idaho mines. "Idaho" is (MORE)

What are Idaho's water resources?

Idaho's water resources include all the rivers, dams and lakes inthe state. The Idaho department of Water Resources helps to protectthese bodies and their ecosystems.

What is the origin of Idaho's name?

George M. Willing suggested the name Idaho, claiming it was aShoshone language term meaning "the sun comes from the mountains".The name was adopted and later found out to be a word the Mr.Willing had made up.

What are idaho's state colors?

The Idaho State University (ISU) was an alumnus of Princeton. Theirschools colors were orange and black theme colors and had a tigermascot.

Who is the head of Idaho's government?

The Governor of Idaho is the head ofIdaho's government. Butch Otter is the current Governor of Idaho.He was elected in 2006 and reelected in 2010 and 2014.

What is Idaho's state dog?

There have been many debates about if we should have the Blue Heeler as Idaho's state dog, but they decided we shouldn't have a state dog.

Name of Idaho's governor?

Butch Otter is the Governor of Idaho. He was elected in 2006 andreelected in 2010 and 2014. For more information visit the Related Link.

What is Idaho's climate?

Ohio has a temperate climate. Some parts of the state have harshwinters, as well as hot summers, with a low amount of rainfall eachyear.

What is Idaho's state animal?

State Animal: Appaloosa Horse State Insect: Monarch Butterfly State Bird: Mountain Bluebird State Fish:Cutthroat Trout State Raptor: Peregrine Falcon

Who is Idaho's US Represenative?

In the 111 th Congress Idaho's US Congressmen are:. Walt Minnick (D) a freshman and . Michael K. Simpson (R) in office since 1999.

What are some of Idaho's natural resources?

Wonderful volcanic soil which enables Idaho potatoes to grow so well. Grand mountains provide hunting, hiking, skiing, mountain biking. Some wonderful rivers and streams provide fishing, boating, white-water rafting, and nature hikes. Lakes, some very large like the 25-mile-long Coeur d'Alene (cu (MORE)

What Idaho's western border is what longitude?

The simple answer is 117° 15' W. However, beginning in the southwestern corner of Idaho (latitude 42° N) and travelling north, Idaho's western border (alongside Oregon state) runs north along longitude 116.45°W until it intersects with the Snake River near the mouth of the Owyhee River. (MORE)

When did boise become Idaho's capitol?

Boise became the state capital of Idaho on December 24, 1864. Thecapital of Idaho before Boise was Lewiston. The current populationof Boise is 214,237.

What is Oxford Idaho's zip code?

Oxford once had it's own Post Office and ZIP CODE also, it was 83265. In 1955 Oxford became too small too have a Post Office, so it was closed and now uses Clifton, Idaho's Zip, which is 83228. Guess times do change once-in-a-while, huh? D. 6-16-' 09

Who are Idaho's congressional delegation?

Senators from Idaho are: Mike Crapo and Jim Risch. Representatives are Mike Simpson and Walt Minnick. Mr. Risch replaced Larry Craig and Mr. Minnick replaced Bill Sali in the recent election.

What are three of Idaho's resources?

In terms of ecotourism, Idaho has more forest service cover per total area than anywhere else in the United States. In terms of mining, Idaho and the Indian stretch of the Himalayan Mountains are the sole locations of star garnets. But rare six-pointed star garnets can only be found in Idaho. And in (MORE)

What is Idaho's state muffin?

That would be the hugely successful spud muffin, which began as a term of endearment until the rise of popularity for the muffin in the United States. Shortly thereafter an enterprising bakery owner by the name of Ida Holt developed the spud muffin which for Idahoian's was so popular that State Repr (MORE)

What is Idaho's state insect?

the state insect of Idaho is the Monarch Butterfly. (note:people state it different on the web, but I proof-checked mine)

What are Idaho's main exports?

Idaho is famous for it's exports of Potatoes and Natural Gases. Idaho also exports electronic goods such as computer microchips.

What are Idaho's cities?

Aberdeen American Falls Ammon Arco Ashton Athol Atomic City Bayview Bellevue Blackfoot Blanchard Bliss Boise Bonners Ferry Bovill Buhl Burley Caldwell Cambridge Cascade Cavendish Challis Chubbuck Clark Fork Coeur d'Alene Council Craigmont Culdesac Dayton Dalton Gardens Deary Dietrich Donnelly Down (MORE)

What is Idaho's religion?

Religions in Idaho include: Catholic, Orthodox, Luthern, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Baptist, Pentecostal, LDS (Mormon), Jewish, and Muslim.

What are Idaho's landforms?

Idaho has several types of landforms. Some of the landforms areBlack Pine Mountains High Point, Lower Goose Creek Reservoir, andLower Goose Creek Reservoir.

What is Idaho's state landmarks?

Craters of the Moon near Arco Shoshone Falls (212 feet high) near Twin Falls (they are higher than Niagara Falls) Seven Devils mountain range (along the Idaho/Oregon border west of Riggins) Hells Canyon (deepest gorge in North America) Ernest Hemingway's home in Ketchum 1,000 Springs in Hagerman Co (MORE)

Who are Idaho's famous athletes?

Some famous athletes born in Idaho: 1) Harmon Killebrew - Hall of Fame baseball player (1954-1975) born in Payette. 2) Larry Wilson - Hall of Fame football player (1960-1972) born in Rigby. 3) Picabo Street - Gold medalist in Super G (alpine skiing) at the 1998 Winter Olympics born in Triumph (MORE)

What are Idaho's nautural resuores?

One might say the soil in southern Idaho is a great natural resource because it grows the huge, tasty "Idaho Potatoes" Idaho's nickname is the "Gem State". In northern Idaho, you can find star garnets, one of only a few places they are found in the world, there is beryl - mined in certain parts of (MORE)

What is idaho's zip code?

States don't have zip codes it's the cities that have the zip codes. Hopefully that answers your question

When was Idaho's biggest tornado?

Largest tornado in Idaho history was a mile wide F2 tornado in Adams county on June 4, 2006. The strongest tornadoes in the sates history can also be picked from among a number of F2's.

What does Idaho's state flag symbolize?

Idaho's official flag was adopted in 1907. The flag is deep blue with the state seal in the center surrounded by a yellow band. The seal pictures a man (a miner carrying a pick and wielding a shovel) and a woman (carrying the scales of justice, symbolizing liberty and justice) , the motto "ESTO PER (MORE)

Who were Idaho's original inhabitants?

About 8,000 Native Americans' lived in Idaho. These people can possibly be extinct early inhabitants was about 8,000 to 14,000 years ago!!! The mid inhabitants was about 200 to 8,000 years ago, and the lat inhabitants is about 200 to 260 years ago! So...tell me if this answer helped you!!! Thanks :) (MORE)

What are Idaho's electoral votes?

Idaho had 3 electoral votes when it first became a state in 1890, but gained an electoral vote in the 1912 election. It now has 4 electoral votes. Idaho has generally voted Republican: 2016: Donald Trump (R) . 2012: Mitt Romney (R) 2008: John McCain (R) 2004: George W. Bush (R) 2000: Geo (MORE)

Who is Idaho's government?

C.L. "Butch" Otter is the Governorof Idaho. He was elected in 2006 and reelected in 2010 and 2014.The Governor in Idaho serves a four year term with no termlimitation. The Idaho Legislature consists of the Idaho Senate andthe Idaho House of Representatives. The state is divided into 35legislative di (MORE)

What is Idaho's abbr?

Its post office abbreviation is ID. The Associated Press doesn't abbreviate Idaho; a newspaper story that mentions Idaho will spell out the state name.

Who is Idaho's current state governor?

C.L. "Butch" Otter is the Governor of Idaho. He was elected in 2006and reelected in 2010 and 2014. The Governor in Idaho serves a fouryear term with no term limitation.

Who is Idaho's senetor number one?

Our senators are Mike Crapo (it's pronounced "cray-poe" - it's a French-derived name) and Jim Risch. Sen. Crapo is our senior senator.

When did Idaho's time zone split?

The part of Idaho south of the Salmon River switched from PacificStandard Time (UTC-8) to Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7) on May 13,1923. Since then there were nineteen times when the time throughoutthe state was the same for more than an hour due to the northernpart being on Pacific Daylight Saving (MORE)

Who was Idaho's first predisent?

President Benjamin Harrison Idaho became a state in 1890, July 3 . President Abraham Lincoln Idaho became a Territory in 1863

Why is Appaloosa Idaho's state horse?

The Appaloosa breed became the state horse in 1975 following an introduction to the Legislature by sixth grade students from Eagle, Idaho. (Wikipedia)