What is Illinois famous for?

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Chicago gangsters. Big City Bosses like Richard J. Daley. Political turmoil. Voter fraud. Corn. Hog production. Blind Pigs and Speakeasies. Al Capone and the Saint Valentine's Day massacre. The lady in red and Dillinger's demise. Land of Lincoln. Black Hawk War. The 1871 Great Chicago Fire and Catherine O'Leary's cow.
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Who is a famous author from Illinois?

Robert Bloch was a famous author from Illinois who wrote "Psycho,"which was later made into the famous Alfred Hitchcock film. MichaelCrichton and Ray Bradbury were also from I

Name a famous author from Illinois?

There have been many famous authors from Illinois over the years. Afew of the authors are Nelson Algren, Richard Bach, and RobertBloch.

What is a famous natural landmark in Illinois?

A surviving fragment of flatwoods , a type of damp-ground forest in the Great Lakes region. Characterized by red maple , swamp white oak , and black ash trees. It is pa

Does Illinois have any famous paintings?

Famous paintings abound there, especially in the Art Institute of Chicago! Check out some of its most famous paintings: . Edward Hopper, Nighthawks . Nicolas Poussin, L
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Who are some famous people in Illinois and what are they famous for?

Hillary Clinton- Past First Lady and Current Political Figure(D) Michelle Obama- Current First Lady Walt Disney- Entrepreneur Betty White- Comedian and Actress Patricia Arquet
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What is the famous people of Illinois?

People born in Illinois include JackBenny born in Chicago, political leader William Jennings Bryan bornin Salem, musician Benny Goodman born in Chicago, author ErnestHemingway