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your internet browser - the screen you use to search the web Note: Internet explorer it is platform you can browse any website save your home page and password. Answer: Internet Explorer (IE) -- sometimes referred to as Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) --It is the most widely used World Wide Web browser. It is bundled with the Microsoft Windows operating system and can also be downloaded from Microsoft's Web site. Answere: Internet Explorer it is a platform where we browse website. Formerly called Microsoft Internet Explorer , Internet Explorer is the name of Microsoft's browser that enables you to view Web pages on the Internet using a graphical interface. Internet Explorer was first introduced in 1995 and it is the most popular browser used today. The latest official release, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) was made available for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista. This version included the popular tabbed browsing option, a feature first used by Mozilla in 2001, a new feed reader, and other features. The beta version of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) was released in early 2008. Internet Explorer supports Java and JavaScript and also supports ActiveX.
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How do you get internet explorer?

\ngo to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/?ocid=ie8_s_0be50bc7-6e81-488c-976d-2d6f417456f3 to download this.

What is in Internet Explorer Internet Options?

Web Explorer and Windows Internet Explorer, normally abridged is a progression of graphical web programs created by Microsoft and included as a feature of the Microsoft Window

What is difference between Internet and Internet Explorer?

The difference between the Internet itself and Internet Explorer isthe fact that Internet Explorer is a "browser" as we call it usedto search multiple images, websites and oth

How do you connect Internet explorer to the Internet?

you need an internet connection. If you are using a desktop computer you will need an ethernet cable use that to plug into your router. If you are using a laptop simply click
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How do you get internet explorer to connect to internet?

Internet Explorer isn't what connects to the Internet, its your Network Connection and the Network driver that will do the connecting. Internet Explorer will work with your In
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Is internet Explorer the same as Internet Explorer?

"No, these are quite different in terms of appearance and funtion. Enternet Explorer is an older browser and less used in moderm civilization. Internet explorer is more widely
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Is Internet explore an Internet provider?

No, an Internet provider will provide a service to connect you tothe internet, Internet Explorer is a browser that allows you tosurf the net once you have connected via the In
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What is Internet Explorer good for?

Many find that it delivers viruses and malware while you surf theInternet. It is not considered to be one of the better browsers outthere for most people.