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Oh Iowa is a small city in Chicago... It's a state! And just to clarify this with you, Chicago is a city, not a state, that might seem obvious but you asked what Iowa was so...
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What is in Iowa?

Lots, Jorden Creek Mall, in Des Moines. Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark in Dubuque. Lost Island Waterpark, in Waterloo. lots and lots of corn, Home to Iowa, Hawkeyes.

Why is Iowa first?

Because of the uniqueness of the caucus system used, as opposed to the primary system in most other states.

Where is Iowa?

US - Midwest: 41.57673 N, 093.61740 W . The Mississippi River separates Iowa from Illinois and Wisconsin to form the eastern boundary of the state. The Missouri River on the west edge of the state forms the boundary with Nebraska (with the exception of Carter Lake). The Big Sioux River in the northwest corner of the state forms the North/South boundary with South Dakota. To the north lies Minnesota and to the south lies Missouri. . The State of Iowa is a state in the midwestern region of the United States of America . It is the 29th state of the United States , having joined the Union on December 28 , 1846 . The state is named for the Ioway people, a Siouan tribe of Native Americans that formerly lived there. It is known as the " Hawkeye State " or the "Tall Corn State". . Iowa is a state in the United States. . 40° 23′ N to 43° 30′ N and 90° 8′ W to 96° 38′ W. The state Iowa is located in the Midwest region of the United States. Iowa borders Nebraska to the east, Minnesota to the south, Missouri, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

What does Iowa grow?

The main thing that Iowa is know for growing is corn. If you visitthe state of Iowa, you will see lots of corn fields.

Where can Iowa be located?

Iowa is a state located in the Mid Western United States ofAmerica. Iowa can be located on many maps.

Are there tornadoes in Iowa?

Yes. Iowa isn't part of tornado alley but they get enough action to keep things interesting.

Who settled Iowa?

Iowa was originally inhabited by Native Americans around 13,000years ago. French traders were the first Europeans to settle thearea in the late 1600s.

What are facts about Iowa?

Some interesting facts about Iowa are: . Iowa's capital city is Des Moines. . Iowa's main rivers are the Mississippi River, the MissouriRiver, and the Des Moines River. . Iowa's nickame is The Hawkeye State . Iowa's motto is Our Liberties We Pride And Our Rights We WillMaintain. . The tree is the American Oak. . And it's bird is the Goldfinch. . Iowa is the 29th state on December 28, 1846. . Ripley's Believe It or Not has dubbed Burlington's Snake Alleythe most crooked street in the world. . Strawberry Point is the home of the world's largest strawberry. . The state's smallest city park is situated in the middle of theroad in Hiteman. . Scranton is home to Iowa's oldest water tower still inservice. . Dubuque is the state's oldest city. . Crystal Lake is home to a statue of the world's largestbullhead fish. . Rathbun Dam and Reservoir is the largest body of water in thestate. . Spirit Lake is the largest glacier-made lake in the state. . West Okoboji is the deepest natural lake in the state. . Its depth is 136 feet.Imes Bridge is the oldest of MadisonCounty's six bridges.

Counties in Iowa?

The 99 Are: . Adair. Adams. Allamakee. Appanoose. Audubon. Benton. Blackhawk. Boone. Bremer. Buchanan. Buena Vista. Butler. Calhoun. Carroll. Cass. Cedar. Cerro Gordo. Cherokee. Chickasaw. Clarke. Clay. Clayton. Clinton. Crawford. Dallas. Davis. Decatur. Delaware. Des Monies. Dickinson. Dubuque. Emmet. Fayette. Floyd. Franklin. Fremont. Greene. Grundy. Guthrie. Hamilton. Hancock. Hardin. Harrison. Henry. Howard. Humboldt. Ida. Iowa. Jackson. Jasper. Jefferson. Johnson. Jones. Keokuk. Kossuth. Lee. Linn. Louisa. Lucas. Lyon. Madison. Mahaska. Marion. Marshall. Mills. Mitchell. Monona. Monroe. Montgomery. Muscatine. O'brien. Osceola. Page. Palo Alto. Plymouth. Pocahontas. Polk. Pottawattamie. Poweshiek. Ringgold. Sac. Scott. Shelby. Sioux. Story. Tama. Taylor. Union. Van Buren. Wapello. Warren. Washington. Wayne. Webster. Winnebago. Winneshiek. Woodbury. Worth. Wright

When did Iowa get its statehood?

Iowa became the 29th state on December 28, 1846. Before statehood,it was known as the Iowa Territory. The capital of Iowa is DesMoines.

What is Iowas area?

Total area for Iowa is 56,275 square miles. Land area is 55,965 square miles and inland waster is 310 square miles.

Who are the represenitives for Iowa?

House Representatives Steve King Tom Latham Leonard Boswell Bruce Braley Dave Loebsack U.S. Senate Chuck Grassley Tom Harkin

Where is Iowa Falls Iowa?

Iowa Falls is a city in Hardin County , Iowa , United States . Iowa Falls is the home of Ellsworth Community College . It is also a regional transportation center, located along U.S. Routes 20 and 65 and the Canadian National and Union Pacific Railroads. The population was 5,193 at the 2000 census . .

Where is Iowa university located in Iowa?

It is located in Iowa City, IA There is no such place as "Iowa University". "Iowa State University" is located in Ames, Iowa. The "University of Iowa" is located in Iowa City, Iowa. The "University of Northern Iowa" is located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. And "Upper Iowa University" is located in Fayette, Iowa. "Iowa Univeristy" is located only in your imagination.

What can you do in Iowa?

Farming is a state where farming plays a major role in living.. What you want to do?? as far as what goes??

What does Iowa mean?

I could not find a meaning for the word IOWA. I don't know if there is a really meaning for it other then the fact that it is a state. The only thing I could find is that the Chiwere branch of the Aiouan Family says they refer to it as the sleepy ones.

Who discovered Iowa?

There where 17 Indian tribes in Iowa when 2 European men "discovered" it. there names where Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette. They "discovered" it in 1673

What region is Iowa in?

In the olden days Iowa was located in the southwest. Iowa is stilllocated in the southwest region today, we were all once thesouthwest when pangea was around but then the world had anearthquake and broke up and us iowans got to be the lucky ones whostayed in the southwest region also Eddie is a loser.

Where is Iowa located?

Iowa is a state in the United States. . 40° 23′ N to 43° 30′ N and 90° 8′ W to 96° 38′ W.

How did Iowa get its shape?

On iowa western border the missouri river helped shape westernborder and on the eastern border mississippi river shapes easternborder of iowa mostly the rivers helped shape iowa because it wassurrounded by water. The northern border with Minnesota it wasgiven a random state line because minnestoa wasnt a state yet sothey quickly had to do that to make sure iowa had northern border.On the southern border with missouri(state) there was problemsbecause of the state line because of improper surveying so itcaused iowa and missouri to go to war and have surveyors resurveythe the border.

Who are the animals in Iowa?

The animals in Iowa are Christopher Dos. Now, he's a really racist guy who doesn't know the first thing about jokes. He has the worst comeback lines EVER and just purposely be mental. So to sum it up, Christopher Do is just a weirdo who is not to be trusted.

Does Iowa have mountains?

No. Iowa is plains and fields of flat land. As you go west and south, the land rises, but no actual mountains.

Who is better iowa or iowa state?

Each institution has its own strengths. Each is better in some areas. For a more specific answer, you have to say "better at what."

Where in Iowa did the Iowa Indians live?

Iowa's only federally recognized Native American nation is the Meskwaki Nation, in Tama Iowa. They are part of the Sac and Fox of the Mississippi.

What is the Iowa legislation?

The Iowa House of Representatives and the Iowa Senate. A small scale version of the U.S. House and Senate

What has Iowa got?

Iowa is 2nd only to Texas in wind mill farms, and electricity produced from wind. It leads and feeds the world in total combined corn, soybean, hog production. North Central Iowa, Wright County has the richest grade A black top soil in the world. The highest education rating in America, the standard (Iowa tests) by which other states education systems are judged, clean air, clean water, friendly people. And the Hawkeyes lead the sports world with 18 NCAA national championship wrestling titles, in 25 years. Of which no other school in any sport can match.

Who was Iowa named after?

Iowa was named after the Bah-kho-je Indians who lived there. The French explorers who cataloged the area referred to them as the "Ioway".

What is there to do in Ames Iowa?

Figure Skating or Hockey at the Ames Ice Arena. There are really good restaurants. Parks. Watch movies at Movies 12 on Duff Avenue. Go shopping on Maine Street or North Grand Mall.

Why visit Iowa?

Iowa has the Field of Dreams movie site. The temperature is always nice in the summer (not so much in the winter). I'm sure you could find other little things to do, too, but honestly I wouldn't come for a long vacation. . There's a link in the Related Links section to the website of the state's tourism bureau, which has a more complete list of things to do in Iowa, including special events like music festivals and the like. To amplify the sentiment above: some places have unique attractions that are worth planning an entire vacation around. Iowa is, probably, not one of these places, unless you have very specific interests (perhaps you felt Field of Dreams was the greatest movie ever made, and traveling 1700 miles to look at a field of corn with a baseball diamond in it is your idea of heaven on Earth, or possibly you have a particular desire to see where Herbert Hoover or John Wayne was born). However, if you do happen to find yourself in Iowa, there are many things that are worth seeing and doing there. (Also, your mileage may vary about the temperature. Iowa summers can be uncomfortably hot and muggy.)

Why is Iowa test called Iowa?

The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the Iowa Tests of Educational Development are called IOWA because the completed tests are sent to Iowa City to be checked. Also the professors at University of Iowa came up with the test questions. It's not as if IOWA stands for anything, though I'd make it stand for "Individual Overwhelming Wacky Assessment."

What are the Iowa city Iowa frequencies?

For a comprehensive database of active frequencies in your area, along with a lot of other useful scanning information, visit: www.RadioReference.com

What rhymes with Iowa?

Viola. Some people pronounce it vee-oh-la, but I've always pronounced it vie-oh-la (vie like die).

Are there minks in Iowa?

In Iowa, minks are raised on farms for their fur I saw a mink walking in a ditch northeast of Perry Iowa beginning of April

Are there badgers in Iowa?

Yes. In August 2011, while biking along the Raccoon River Bike Trail southwest of Des Moines, we encountered a badger. As he was crossing the trail approximately 100 yards in front of us, we startled him. Instead of scampering into the underbrush, he waddled down the trail for several minutes. We were riding at about 5 mph and closing in on him, while maintaining a safe distance. Soon, he turned, giving us a magnificent profile (as if to say, Yes, I am a badger), then jumped into the tall grass and brush. We stopped to investigate, but he was gone. I have been trying to find more information on badgers in Iowa, but have come up empty handed in my internet search.

What animals does Iowa have?

Little Brown Bat, Bobcat, Beaver, Eastern Chipmunk, Eastern Cottontail, Coyote, White-Tailed Deer, Red Fox, Plains Pocket Gopher, Mink, Eastern Mole, White Footed Mouse, Muskrat, Virginia Opossum, River Otter, Raccoon, Striped Skunk, Fox Squirrel, Black Squirrel, Gray Squirrel, Woodchuck, Red Winged Blackbird, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Bobwhite (Type of Bird) Northern Cardinal, Black Capped Chickadee, Mourning Dove, Bald Eagle, American Goldfinch, Canada Goose, Red-Tailed Hawk, Great Blue Heron, Ruby Throated Hummingbird, American Kestrel, Mallard, Eastern Meadowlark, Baltimore Oriole, Barred Owl, Screech Owl, Great Horned Owl, Ring Neck Pheasant, American Robin, Barn Swallow, Wild Turkey, Turkey Vulture, Downy Woodpecker, Red-Headed Woodpecker, Gray Tree Frog, Tree Fog, Bull Frog, Toads, Leopard Frog, Common Garter Snake, Bull Snake, Hognose Snake, Fox Snake, Painted Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Hog Nose Turtle, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Crane, Bullheads, Catfish, Walleye, Carp, Badgers, Rattlesnake, Blue Jay, Salamanders, Lizards, Bison, Hedgehog, and Bugs

What does Iowa have?

Home to bounties of corn, Iowa is a charming state in the Midwest. A popular summer attraction, the Iowa State Fair brings many from all around to enjoy home cooked food, nightly concerts and, of course, the showing of animals in competition. Iowa is also the home to Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gold Medalist and Des Moines resident. Another popular site in Iowa is the original Field of Dreams, used in the film starring Kevin Costner. This is located in Dyersville, IA, and can be visited during the summer. "If you build it, they will come." This still holds true twenty years after the film was made, being that Iowa is still an enjoyable place to visit.

Is Iowa boring?

Iowa is really fun, I would tell anyone to go there. I think you can do a lot in Iowa it is never boring and always really fun I have been there and I had loads of fun. Some people think it's boring.

What is the cookie for Iowa?

Well. Its In My pocket. I Would Give It To You. But Your Adopted. And A Ginger. -Bob Marley 2nd.

Where the raves at in Iowa?

I've been looking for one since I moved to Iowa City from Miami 5 years ago..Good luck.

Where did Iowa get its nickname from?

Iowa is called The Hawkeye State as a tribute to chief Black Hawk, leader of the Sauk Indians (relocated to Iowa after unsuccessful fighting of settlers). Also called The Corn State (90 percent of the land in Iowa is devoted to agriculture).

What snakes are in Iowa?

There are twenty-seven species of snakes in Iowa. The Plains Garter Snake, Western Worm Snake, Western Hognose Snake, Timber Rattlesnake, Common Kingsnake, Smooth Green Snake, Ringneck Snake, Western Ribbon Snake, Redbelly Snake, Prairie Rattlesnake, Prairie Kingsnake, Painbelly Watersnake, Northern Water Snake, Massasauga Rattlesnake, Lined Snake, Fox Snake, Milk Snake, Smooth Earth Snake, Eastern Hognose Snake, Eastern Garter Snake, Diamondback Watersnake, Crayfish Snake, Copperhead, Brown Snake, Racer, Ratsnake, and Bullsnake.

Which way is Iowa?

The answer depends on your current position. If you are in New York, Iowa is to the west. If you are in California, Iowa is to the east.

What is the populuation of Iowa?

According to the most recent census conducted in the United States, which happened in 2010, the current population of Iowa is 3,046,355 people. See the US Census Bureau website in the related link. For a shortcut to the census factfinder page for Iowa, check the related link.

Is Missouri in Iowa?

\n. no it is not, missouri is a different state the capitol of this state is jeferson city

What state is Iowa?

Iowa was admitted into the Union on December 28, 1846 becoming the29th state to join the Union. Iowa is the 30th most populous ofthe 50 United States as of July 1, 2016 per the U.S. Census Bureauand the 26th largest by total area.

What are the industry in Iowa?

Iowa is a farming state. Iowa leads the states in the production ofcorn and ranks among the leaders in production of soybeans. Morehogs are raised in Iowa than in any other state.

When was Iowa a territory?

The Territory of Iowa existed fromJuly 4, 1838 until December 28, 1846 when the southeastern portionof the territory was admitted to the Union as the State ofIowa.

What is the elevation in Iowa?

The highest point in Iowa is 1,670feet above sea level at Hawkeye Point in Osceola County. The lowest point in Iowa is 480 feetabove sea level at the confluence of the Mississippi River and DesMoines River.

Which does not border Iowa?

Iowa is surrounded by 6 U.S. states- Wisconsin to the northeast, Illinois to the east, Missouri to thesouth, Nebraska to the west, South Dakota to the northwest, andMinnesota to the north. The other 44 U.S. states do not borderIowa.

Are there facts about Iowa?

Iowa was admitted into the Union on December 28, 1846 becoming the29th state to join the Union. The largest cities in Iowa and theirestimated population as of July 1, 2016 per the U.S. Census Bureauare: #1 Des Moines 215,472; #2 Cedar Rapids 131,127; #3 Davenport102,612; #4 Sioux City 82,872; #5 Iowa City. Des Moines is thecapital city in Iowa. The University of Iowa, Iowa StateUniversity, and the University of Northern Iowa are publicuniversities in Iowa. The highest point in Iowa is 1,670 feet abovesea level at Hawkeye Point in Osceola County.