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It is the history of Ireland (a nation in the British Isles) and the Irish people. Answer Im from Ireland and I dont consider myslef to be from a nation in the British Isles
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What is the history of Irish slavery in the 1600s in Colonial America?

From 1640 - 1650 Ireland had a population of 1.5 Million. 600,000 were killed (Genocide) and England (Cromwell) shipped 300,000 abroad as slaves. Irish Catholics were not boug

What were the main events in the Irish history?

  There were many events in Irish History which could be classified as 'main' or as primarily responsible for helping to shape the evolution of the island. Here are a few

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What is history?

History is the study of events which occurred before the present time. It includes who lived in past societies and how they lived. Much of history is about famous people and w

What is the history behind Irish weddings and traditions?

Answer   Try checking out these websites. The first URL is a very good one.   www.irishabroad.com/culture/traditions/ www.irishweddingsonline.com www.irishcultureandcu

Did Michael Collins have an impact on world history or did he just affect Irish and British history?

Michael Collins only really affected Irish and British history while he was alive, though if you think more about it, he did some things that indirectly had an effect on the w

Who were Charles Stewart parnell and Michael davitt and what role did they play in Irish history?

  Parnell and Davitt were members of the Irish Nationalist movement of the 19th century. Parnell and Davitt were leaders of the Land League movement which sought to redist

What is the Irish for 'me'?

Answer   Checking out any English-Irish dictionary would tell that the English pronoun "I/me" is said "mé" (may) or "mise" (mishe) in Irish. The second form is more emph

Where can you find an Irish history timeline from 1700 to 1900?

Irish history timeline   For a timeline of the history of Ireland that begins in 10,000 BC, please go to the rootsweb.com link to the right. 'Irish History Links' also pr

Am I Irish?

If you were born in Ireland, have lived there most of your life,  were educated there and so on, then you are Irish. If you did those  things in another country, then you ar

What effect did Jonathan Swift's 'A Modest Proposal' have on Irish history?

"A Modest Proposal, published in 1729 in response to worsening conditions in Ireland, is perhaps the severest and most scathing of all Swift's pamphlets. The tract did not sho
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Why is it that although ancient Ireland has so much documented history that so few people including Irish people know about it?

Propaganga is the answer to that question my dear cousin.    Because the government of Britain who run northern Ireland cover it up and only tell you what they want you to

What part did Fianna Eireanna play in Irish history?

the original fianna were legendary warriors who fought to protect Ireland from various invaders, witches, demons etc. led by the great Fionn Mac Cumhail, and including the sag