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It is the history of Ireland (a nation in the British Isles) and the Irish people. Answer Im from Ireland and I dont consider myslef to be from a nation in the British Isles
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How can you find the history of an Irish family?

%DETAILS%     For detailed information on your search for Irish roots, check out The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA) Web site. It provides a more extensiv

What is the history of the Irish?

Most Irish people are Roman Catholic, but since the Reformation the growing number of Protestants have grew. In the 1100s the British took control of The Republic of Ireland.

What are facts about Irish history?

Irish comes from Ireleand. Ireleand a small country in europe near the UK. Irish Flag Colors Green white and Orange. Irish have big holiday aka St . Pattricks Day. Irish have

What history of the Irish flag?

The flag, so I am told, is supposed to represent a new era of Irish indepedence and nationality. This is in opposition of the Catholic vs Protestant outlook that had been so p

What is the history of the Irish sport horse?

more commonly known in the uk as an irish hunter. its a cross between a thoroughbred and irish draught. It has been given recognition as a separate breed. It is commonly bred

What was Bloody Sunday in Irish history?

There have been two occasions referred to as Bloody Sunday in Irish History. One was in 1920 and the other in 1972. The first was in Dublin on the 21st of November 1920, duri