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Israel is defined as the Nation-State of the Jewish People. In the view of Ahad Ha'am, one of the early Zionists, the purpose of having a Jewish Nation-State was to allow the Jews to have a place where their culture and sensibilities can flourish without fear of repression or violence from Non-Jews.

What is Israel?

1). Israel is the alternate name of the biblical patriarch Jacob. 2). Israel is the name of a nation that existed from just after theBiblical Exodus until the destruction of the Second Temple inJerusalem by the Roman occupiers in 70 CE, then faded frompolitical identification and independence, and was restored as anation in 1948. Israel is a democracy, with a unicamerallegislature whose representatives are chosen by popular vote of alladult citizens, is a member of the United Nations, and isrecognized by and maintains diplomatic relations with all but 34 ofthe world's 196 nations.

What to do in israel?

There are huge amounts of things to do in Israel, and it reallydepends on the kind of thing you like. For a religious holiday, obviously, give several days to Jerusalem.Tours around the old city, going to the various sites (church ofholy sepulchre/dome of rock/western wall) Also, you could go around the port of Jaffa which is verybeautiful. A few days touring Tel Aviv is always good, as there aremany beautiful Bauhaus-architecture buildings. A day trip to the Negev to do a hike or a camel safari is alwaysgood, you can also go to the dead sea and the nature reserve calledEin Gedi (I particularly recommend this- it is absolutelyfantastic). You can go white-water rafting on the river Jordan too. In the north, you can go skiing in mount Hermon (seasonal), stay ina kibbutz for a few days, or hike around the Galil. I have only given a few highlights. Your best bet is to get aguidebook.

Who was Israel?

Israel is both a country and a person. As the question has "who" in it, it would seem to refer to the person. Israel is an Old Testament Prophet and the third patriarch. He is the same person as the Biblical Prophet Jacob.

How do you get to Israel?

By plane, boat, car or walking...depends on where you're coming from. By plane, many European and American airports fly to Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. and have ande 1 : sde dov aiport

Who is Israel?

Israel is what is now the land that was promised to Israelites bythe Most High; they were descendants of Jacob (his name having beenchanged to Israel ). Sometimes Israel is stated to refer tothe man the 12 tribes descended from, sometimes it's used to referto the land, while other times it's used to refer to thedescendants themselves. Israel is a country, not a person.

What to wear in Israel?

i have been in israel u can wear what ever u want in israel people dress what they want and if u want u can get out of the house with swimming suites only for u girls there are lots of hot boys in Israel and also hot girls

Who loves Israel?

Many American Jews and Christians love Israel. Not everyone agrees with its current government, but the majority of Americans respect Israel and see it as an ally. Jews the world over love Israel, since it is a part of their religious heritage; but many Evangelical Christians also love Israel, because it is related to where Jesus lived and preached, and where these Christians believe he will one day return.

How was Israel founded?

It depends. if you talk about the ancient Israelite tribe you can say that Israel was founded by Jacob son of Isaac, son of Abraham (read from the Bible). If you are talking about the modern state of Israel, it was found in 1948 after a long process of immigration of Jews to the area. It was officially a state only after its Declaration of Independence by the first Prime Minister of Israel , David Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv, 1948. The Jews of Mandatory Palestine were permitted to declare this independence separately from the Arabs by U.N. Resolution 181.

When was Israel born?

The current state of Israel was established 14 May 1948. However, Israel has existed in the same location for thousands of years.

What is Mini Israel?

From Mini Israel 's official website: . The Park displays hundreds of models that are exact copies of sites, buildings and landscapes from around the country. The models are built at a scale of 1:25, which means that every real meter is scaled down to 4 cm. The exhibited models are of architectural, historical, religious, archaeological and social importance. They are surrounded by colorful flowers, miniature vegetation, bonsai trees and thousands of "Israeli" figures who are 7 cm tall. The Park is located in Latrun, just off the main highway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and only a few minutes from Ben Gurion Airport. .

Why was Israel found?

The question is "Why was Israel found",i.e. "Why did the first person who arrive in the land where Israel now stands do so?" -- The answer tothis is that we have evidence that the first Homo sapiens crossed intoHaifa roughly 100,000 years ago, but, of course, we have no idea theidentity of the person who did this nor his motives. However, it was more likely than not that this person was in a tribe simply moving away from a more powerful tribe and looking for unoccupied land in which to live. If the question was intended to be: Why was the Modern State ofIsrael founded? -- There are two operative parts to that question. There is theimplicit question as to whether a Jewish State is something thatshould exist. There is the explicit question as to whether thegeographical location chosen for this Jewish State is proper forits mission. 1) Why a Jewish State: Herzl explained quite wellthat the European concept of a nation-state was dependent on theidea that all of the people in any particular nation were of thesame ethnic stock and heritage. Jews were branded by this system tobe "the Other" and were regarded at best as possible equals and atworse as traitors, spies, thieves, and fifth columns. When theDreyfus Affair turned out marches in Paris that said "Death to theJews" on account of a kangaroo court against a particular guiltlessJew, it became clear that the Jew could not be integrated intoEurope. After the Holocaust, the strongest proof that the Jew andthe European Nation-State were irreconcilable, this view ofdenigrating "the Other" persists. In Europe, it is now directed atthe Muslims since the Jews are not large enough of a threat to theEuropean System. Unlike Muslims, though, which can return to theircountries of origin if the discrimination becomes intolerable, theJews did not have such a place. This is why the Jewish State isnecessary. Since it came into existence it has accepted Jewishpolitical refugees from over 50 nations and flown missions at itsown expense to rescue Jews from at least 10 nations. 2) Why Israel: Ahad Ha'am explains that theJewish Soul is intrinsically connected to his history and in thesame way that a German-American can never be as properly German asa German in Germany, the People of Israel can never be as properlyJewish if they are not in the Land of Israel. The relics in thatland speak to a Jewish sensibility and character. There are alsoreligious reasons as expounded by Rav Avraham Kook which posit thatthe development of a Jewish State in Israel hastens the arrival ofthe Messiah. There are additional political reasons why Palestineand not Europe. As explained above, the European Culture isstrongly anti-Other and making a Jewish State there would havefostered much more contempt and alienation (ironically).

What is the population of Israel?

According to the CIA World Factbook, the population of Israel as ofJuly 2008 was 7,112,359. NOTE: The above figure includes about 187,000 Israelisettlers in the West Bank, about 20,000 in the Israeli-occupiedGolan Heights, and fewer than 177,000 in East Jerusalem (July 2008est.) 7,509,000 people (in 2009). As of 2010, the population of Israel was 7,624,600. As of 2014, Israel's population is 8,146,000. As of 2015, Israel's population is 8,345,000.

What is the Israel lobby?

they are based in Washington and serve as a pressure group to have the government give funds to israel and better the image of israel in the US

Where is Israel at?

in western Asia south of Syria, north of Egypt and west of Jordan and Iraq.

When was Israel named Israel?

The name "Israel" comes from a name given to the Patriarch Jacob. The kingdom of Israel was formed around 1020 BCE. In about 930 BCE, Israel and Judah split, and Israel existed independently of Judah until around 720 BCE, when it was conquered by Assyria and its members were sent into exile. Since then, the land was called by different names (Judea, Syria Palaestina, Palestine) until 1948, when the modern country of Israel was declared.

Where is Israel on the globe?

Israel is located on the southern half of the east shore of the Mediterranean, south of Lebanon and east of Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. So like much of the Middle East, it is considered southwestern Asia.

Who is Israel in conflict with?

Israel is not currently at war (de facto). It maintains a de jure conflict with Hamas-controlled Gaza, Syria,Lebanon, Iran, and all Arab States with which it does not share aborder.

What are the Israel lights?

i think what you are referring to is Israelites, which is just a way of calling the Jewish nation. for example, people from America are called Americans, and people from England are called English.

Are there pyramids in Israel?

No. The Great Pyramids at Giza are in Egypt. There are many more pyramids scattered about that country and in addition there are even more numerous amounts of pyramids in the Sudan. However, Israel has no Pyramids.

Is Israel safe?

Israel is perhaps less than safe and secure among its neighboring countries. But residents, tourists, and visitors are as safe in Israel as anywhere else in the world, and safer than in many many other places. Israel since the security wall very safe, once some years there is a small war, in North of Israel against Hizballa, or against terror organizations in Gaza strip such as Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, in such a war some cities in south Israel need to be ready for rockets. But the enemy armies of Israel can't get in to Israel because the heightened standby, alertness of Israel in her borders. Since 2005, there is around 1 terrorist act per year (instead of dozens per year) But Israel very ready. The whole country of Israel is ready and the conflict deepens as long as Israel shows no intention of evaporating.

Why was Israel placed where it was?

Answer 1 Your question as worded is nebulous and there are two different answers depending on what you are driving at. 1) Why was the Biblical Kingdom of Israel/Judah situated where Israel, Jordan, and Palestine are currently situated? -- This is just a historical circumstance. This question is no different than "Why did the Japanese Empire start in Japan?". The Biblical Kingdom of Israel/Judah was constituted Israelites. They happened to be the indigenous people. 2) Why did the World Zionist Conferences in the late 1890s choose the future British Mandate of Palestine as the place where the Modern Jewish State of Israel should be created? -- This was a calculated decision based on a number of factors: the land's sacredness to the Jewish people. The inability to make such a state in Europe where the neighbors were much more bellicose. The increased draw that a state in the Biblical territory would give to people desiring to populate the area. There are numerous other reasons, but those three are the most important. Further to this, Ahad Ha'am explains that the Jewish Soul is intrinsically connected to his history and in the same way that a German-American can never be as properly German as a German in Germany, the People of Israel can never be as properly Jewish if they are not in the Land of Israel. The relics in that land speak to a Jewish sensibility and character. There are also religious reasons as expounded by Rav Avraham Kook which posit that the development of a Jewish State in Israel hastens the arrival of the Messiah. There are additional political reasons why Palestine and not Europe, primarily because the Great Powers would not have acquiesced to another European State. Answer 2 because in the Jews bible (which is called a Torah) this is where the state of Israel is.

Is Israel Muslim?

No. Israel is non an Islamic State or a Muslim-majority state. Itis a Jewish and Democratic State.

What does Israel stand for?

Israel" is Jacob, the ancestor of the people of Israel (that is also referred to as "Israel" in the bible). Modern Israel is named after the ancient kingdom of Israel and the Israeli nation.

What is the establishment of Israel?

It was the moment when Israelis decided that they wanted their own country and declared it by reading a Declaration of Independence over the radio from a non-descript building in Tel Aviv. This happened on May 14, 1948.

What are challenges in Israel?

Israels biggest challenge is to stay safe from attack from her neighboring Arab countries, which want her annihilated.

Does Israel have an army?

Yes, they do. It's unique in being one of the military forces where females also have a mandatory service requirement, as well as males.

What do they have in israel?

They have people, houses, beaches, deserts, mountains, valleys, basically a little bit of everything. Farms, high-tech industry, grammar schools and universities, gay bars, trains and buses, radio and TV, cellphones, supermarkets, camels, jet planes, museums, sports stadiums, mosques, churches, synagogues, babies and old people, foods of over 100 countries.

Why is there violence in Israel?

Because there is violence everywhere and its a fight for religioussakes Answer: There is very little violence in Israel. It certainly doesn'tcompare to the level in everyday life in the USA's five largest cities.

Why visit Israel?

Israel is a very special and pretty land! In this little country you have a desert, sea, mountains and other climate types. In addition, there are special things you have just in Israel - Machtesh, the Dead Sea, Kibbutz.

When were there lions in Israel?

Lions were once common in the Middle East, including Israel, but like almost everywhere, hunting and habitat loss caused their doom. The last lion seen in the wild in Israel was around 700 years ago.

Does Israel have seas?

Yes, Israel lies along the eastern side of the Mediterranean sea, and also on the northern tip of the red sea (along with Egypt and Jordan). also, the Dead sea is between Israel and Jordan, but it is not exactly a sea.

Can you cruise to Israel?

Certainly. Tel Aviv is a very large port in the Mediterranean. If you go to various cruise companies' sites I am sure that you will find some that dock in Tel Aviv. However, to get to Jerusalem, you may need to fly as Jerusalem is an inland city with no river access.

What are the coordinates for Israel?

Geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) specify a point. Areas don't have coordinates, certainly not whole countries. Israel is a big place. The front door of the Knesset (parliament) building in Jerusalem is located at 31° 46' 37" north latitude 35° 12' 19" east longitude. Other places in Jerusalem, and elsewhere in the country, have different coordinates.

Who were the kings of Israel?

First Dynasty (Royal House of Israel): 1021 B.C.E. - 931 B.C.E. King Saul (Shaul ben Qysh) : 1021 - 1000 King Ishbaal (Ishba'al ben Shaul) : 1007 - 1005 King David (Dawid ben Yishai) : 1005 - 970 King Solomon (Shelomoh ben Dawid) : 970 - 931 Split Kingdoms Dynasty (Israel): 931 B.C.E. - 723 B.C.E. King Jeroboam (Yarobh'am ben Shelomoh) : 931 - 910 King Nadab (Nadab ben Yarobh'am) : 910 - 909 (assassinated by Ba'asha) King Baasha (Ba'asha ben Ahiyah) : 909 - 886 King Elah (Ela ben Ba'ash) : 886 - 885 (assassinated by Zimri) King Zimri (Zimri ben ??) : 885 - 885 (only ruled for 7 days, suicide) King Omri (Omriyya ben ??) : 885 - 874 King Ahab (Ah'av ben Omriyya) : 874 - 853 King Ahaziah ('Ahazyahu ben Ah'av) : 853 - 852 (died of sickness) King Jehoram (Yehoram ben Ah'av) : 852 - 841 (assassinated by Jehu) King Jehu (Yehu ben Yehoshafat) : 841 - 814 King Jehoahaz (Yehu'ahaz ben Yehu) : 814 - 798 King Jehoash (Yehoash ben Yehu'ahaz) : 798 - 782 King Jereboam II (Yarobh'am ben Yehoash) : 782 - 753 King Zechariah (Zekharya ben Yarobh'am) : 753 - 752 (assassinated by Shallum) King Shallum (Shallum ben Yav'ash) : 752 (condemned to death by Menahem) King Menahem (Menahem ben Gadi) : 752 - 742 King Pekahiah (Pek'ahiya ben Menahem) : 742 - 740 (assassinated by Pek'ah) King Pekah (Pek'ah ben ??) : 740 - 732 (assassinated by Hoshea) King Hoshea (Hoshea ben Ela) : 732 - 723 --Israel is held under Babylonian Captivity : 609 B.C.E. - 515 B.C.E. --Israel returns to Judea under Persian rule : 515 B.C.E. - 322 B.C.E. --Israel becomes Hellenized under Alexander the Great : 322 B.C.E. - 140 B.C.E. Hasmonean Dynasty: 140 B.C.E. - 37 B.C.E. Nasi Simon (Simun Thassi Maccabeus) : 142 - 135 (assassinated by Ptolemy) Nasi John (Yohanan Hycanus Maccabeus) : 134 - 104 King Aristobulus I (Aristobulus Maccabeus) : 104 - 103 (died of illness) King Yannai (Alexander Jannaeus Maccabeus) : 103 - 76 Queen Salome Alexandra (Alexandra Shlom Tzion) : 76 - 67 King Hyrcanus II (Hyrcanus Maccabeus II) : 67 - 66 (usurped by Aristobulus II) King Aristobulus II (Aristobulus Maccabeus II) : 66 - 63 (civil war ended) King Hyrcanus II (Hyrcanus Maccabeus II) : 63 - 40 (usurped by Antigonus) King Antigonus (Antigonus Matthias Maccabeus II) : 40 - 37 Herodian Dynasty: 37 B.C.E. - 97 A.D. King Herod I (Herod the Great) : 37 - 4 King Herod II (Herod Archelaus) : 4 B.C. - 6 A.D. --Israel held under rule of the Roman Prefects : 6 - 41 King Agrippa I (Marcus Julius "Herod" Agrippa I) : 41 - 44 (died abruptly) King Agrippa II (Marcus Julius Agrippa II) : 44 - 53 --Israel held under rule of the Roman Produrators : 44 - 70 --Israel held under rule of the Roman Legates : 70 - 133

Where does Israel get water from?

Israel gets its fresh water from Lake Tiberias (Kinneret, Sea of Galilee) and the Jordan River, also from desalination plants purifying water from the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. The Dead Sea is a source of industrial minerals, but is not a practical source of water. The Black Sea has also been suggested, but that would require a minimum-560-mile pipeline, across Turkey, bringing in salt water no different from that available along Israel's own Mediterranean coast ... not a very helpful idea.

What do they do for entertainment in Israel?

Israel functions along the lines of any modern European or American State. People watch TV, go to the movies, hang out at shopping malls, sunbathe on the beaches, enjoy concerts of both professionals and underground bands, walk down long promenades and in parks, eat out at a variety of restaurants, dance at nightclubs, and socialize with friends at cafes. (Of course, that list is not exhaustive, but it should give a pretty good idea of Israeli entertainment.) Israelis do NOT just sit in their houses praying that no bomb will kill them; they live their lives.

Is Israel in Jerusalem?

It's the other way around, Jerusalem is the capital and second-largest metropolitan area of Israel. Note: The Armistice that ended the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9 left Jerusalem a divided city, so there is also a strong Palestinian claim to all or the Eastern Part of the City.

When was Israel divided?

According to the Bible, the United Monarchy called Israel was divinded into the separate kingdoms of Judah and Israel shortly after the beginning of the reign of Rehoboam, or perhaps a little earlier than 900 BCE. Archaeologists such as Israel Finkelstein say that there never was a united monarchy, and that Israel and Judah had always been separate, with their own identifiable cultures, pottery and even separate dialects of the Hebrew language. Therefore, Israel never was divided.

What is the birth of Israel?

The birth of Israel as a nation can be traced back to Jacob's struggle with the angel of God. After Jacob fought the angel, God named him Israel, and this became the name that refers to Jacobs offspring who evolved into the nation of 12 tribes. The birth of modern Israel happened at the end of British occupied Palestine (what is now called Israel) after ww2 when the Jews of the diaspora returned to their native homeland and transformed it into a modern nation state.

When was Israel first called Israel?

A: The Merneptah Stele, dated to approximately 1205 BCE, refers to "Israel", although not a a state or kingdom but merely as a people or tribal group without a central government as far as the Egyptians were concerned. There is a developing consensus among historians that, contrary to the biblical record, Israel did not become a state until the time of Omri, whose reign began around 880 BCE. This was probably the time when there was actually a national entity called "Israel". The Tel Dan stele mentions "the king of Israel" and is usually dated to the time of Omri or his son Ahab.

Why did God name Israel Israel?

The name " Israel " first appears in the Bible as the name given by God to the patriarch Jacob after his struggle with the angel Israel means Struggler of/with God Afterwards Jacob's descendants are know as Bnei Yisrael - The Children of Israel and the Land as Eretz Yisrael - The land of Israel The Children of Israel (Bnei Yisrael) were divided into twelve tribes descended from the 12 sons of Jacob. For several hundred years the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael) was organized into a confederacy of twelve tribes ruled by a series of Judges. In 1000 BCE, a monarchy was established under Saul, and continued under King David and his son, Solomon. Upon Solomon's death the nation split into two kingdom, Israel (Mamlechet Yisrael)in the north, and Judah (Mamlechet Yehuda) in the south. The Kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyria n ruler Shalmaneser V in the 8th century BCE. There is no commonly accepted historical record of the fate of those ten tribes, which are sometimes referred to as the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. The Kingdom of Judah was conquered by the Babylonia n army in 587 BCE After a few generations and with the conquest of Babylonia by the Persian Empire some of the exiles returned to their homeland. Under the Persia ns then under the Greeks , Jewish coins were minted as Yehud - Aramaic for Judah - coinage. A revolt eventually led to the formation of an independent Jewish kingdom, known as the Hasmonaean Dynasty , which lasted from 165 BCE to 63BCE. The Hasmonean Dynasty eventually disintegrated as a result of civil war. The people, who did not want to be governed by a king but by theocratic clergy, made appeals in this spirit to the Roman authorities. A Roman campaign of conquest and annexation, led by Pompey, soon followed in 63BCE. Later, Herod the Great was appointed "King of the Jews" by the Roman Senate, supplanting the Hasmonean dynasty. Some of his offspring held various positions after him, known as the Herodian dynasty . After the Census of Quirinius in 6CE, the Roman province of Judea was formed as a satellite of Roman Syria under the rule of a prefect until 41CE, then procurators after 44CE. In 66CE, the Jews began to revolt against the Roman rulers of Judea . The revolt was defeated by the future Roman emperors Vespasian and Titus. Jews continued to live in their land in significant numbers, the Kitos War of 115-117CE notwithstanding, until Julius Severus ravaged Judea while putting down the Bar Kochba revolt of 132-136CE. 985 villages were destroyed and most of the Jewish population of central Judea was essentially wiped out, killed, sold into slavery, or forced to flee. In spite of the failure of the Bar Kochba revolt, Jews remained in the Land of Israel in significant numbers. The Jews who remained there went through numerous experiences and armed conflicts against consecutive occupiers of the Land. The Modern State of Israel (Medinat Yisrael) was established in and named after the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael) So we see: Yisrael = Israel Yehuda = Judah Yehuda = Yehud = Judea Yehudi = Jew

What does Israel do?

It endeavors to survive and prosper with God's help, despite itsenemies. It cares for its eight million (2014) inhabitants. Itmaintains ties with as many foreign countries as are willing. Seealso the attached related Link.

What was Israel?

1) Jacob, grandson of Abraham, was given the honor-title of Israelby God (Genesis ch.35). 2) Israel was a country (Joshua 11:16,21; Judges 19:29; 1 Samuel11:3, 13:1), populated by the Israelites. Earlier, it had beencalled Canaan. 3) For a few centuries, "Israel" referred only to its northernhalf, populated by the Ten Tribes, while the south was called Judahor Judea.

What do they do in Israel?

"They" do all of the same things that people do elsewhere, like go to work, marry a spouse, and love their families.

Why is Israel where it is?

Because that is where God defined its borders. See Numbers ch.33.The borders given there are not exactly the same as those of modernIsrael, but most of the territory coincides.