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Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles, 145 miles in length and as much as 50 miles in width. It is situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 90 miles south of eastern Cuba and west of southern Haiti. It is a great place to go in the winter, if you have bad weather.
Jamaica is a tropical island located in the Caribbean. The line of descent includes African slaves.
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What is Jamaica known for?

Jamaica is best known for recreational activities and beaches, warm climate and their extremely popular accent and slang words. Da weed man, rum, ginger and inspirational

What is Jamaica like?

Jamaica's climate is tropical with constant warmth through out the year. Snow had never fallen in Jamaica, except for in it's highest mountain 'Blue Mountain' , which people

What is Jamaica know for?

\n. jamaica is most known for their food:coffee,bananas,cocunuts etc.Also their known for their warm climate and their beaches!

What is Jamaica about?

um... jamaica's a country.. plzz be more specific...... is it a movie or something?? PLZZ edit your question! Thnx! -Daphne- hope i helped!

What is Jamaica Creole?

Jamaica Creole is called Patois, but it's more of an Englishdialect than a creole.

What is Jamaica monetary system?

It's an agreement signed by member countries of International Monetary Fund in 1976 at the conference in Kingston, Jamaica. The key concepts included a legal basis to the syst

What is Jamaica typical food?

Black-eyed pea fritters Plantain fritters Oxtail soup Spicy stew Red pea soup Coleslaw Jerk chicken Beef and okra. Stew Goat curry Roast pork Salt fish Shrimp Baked sweet pota